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Approve a Requisition


  • What Happens when a Requisition is Approved?
  • Approval (needed) Notifications
    • Approve (or Decline Approval for) a Requisition
    • Approve (or Reject) a Job Seeker
    • Respond to an Approval Reminder
  • Monitor Approval Status

Participate in the Approval Process as an Approver

As a hiring manager or Human Resource decision-maker, you may be responsible for reviewing a Requisition (or a Job Seeker) and participating in an Approval Process, using balanceTRAK. If so, the software's tools will facilitate collaboration between the Requisition owner, or submitter, and one or more approvers. An approver can even add Comments to an approval or a non-approval decision to record the rationale.

What Happens when a Requisition is Approved?

A Requisition remains in the Pending Category until it is approval. Upon approval, which may involve one or more decisionmakers, the Requisition advances to the Open Category and can be posted on line.

Note: A Requisition with full automatic Workflow settings will be: Put in the Open Category; set to Accepting New Job Seekers; and Posted Internally and/or Externally.

If rejected, the Approval Process can be resubmitted by the original submitter.

Approval (needed) Notifications

As a participating approver, the user will receive:

  • An email notification, containing links for the following three approval responses:
    • I want to log in and view the requisition.
    • I want to approve this requisition without logging in.
    • I want to decline this requisition without logging in.


  • A notification in the Pending Approvals tile on the approver’s Home page Dashboard will indicate a Requisition requires approval.

Approve (or Decline Approval for) a Requisition

  • Express Approval — From the email message, select to approve or decline the Requisition without logging in.
  • Use the Requisition detail — From the first provided link in the email message or the Dashboard's Pending Approvals tile, log into balanceTRAK and proceed directly to the Approvals tab. A flow diagram, representing the designated Approval Process, will display at the bottom of the tab, listing each approver and Approval outcome. Input one of the following decisions, and include: (optional) Comments:
    • Approve — Sends an email message to the submitter and moves the process on to the next Approver. After final approval, the tab will indicate a date-stamped status line: The Requisition has been approved.
    • Decline — Sends an email message to the submitter and other Approvers by email.

Respond to an Approval Reminder

When an approver's response is outstanding, the Requisition owner can send an email reminder to the approver. In responding to the reminder, an approver would rely on the same approval tools, as those described above.