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Previous Berkshire Product Release Notes

3.2 Release - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This upgrade will include the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

  • The ability to access balanceTRAK, using a Single Sign On (SSO) connection method.connection. Contact Berkshire's Product Support for more details.
  • Job Posting pages can now be set to operate in Kiosk Mode,mode, which will allow multiple job seekers to apply to the same requisition,Requisition, using the same browser session.
  • From the Review Requisition page, a link has been added that will take balanceTRAK users to the list of Job Seekers that have applied for the Requisition.
  • The ability to view the Cover Letter, Resume, Prescreener, and Application has been added to the Job Seekers section of the Review Requisition page.
  • The Job Seekers’ resumeResume search has been enhanced to include a Boolean search option, using separators “and” or “or”.
  • Additional predefined text fields for the Job Seeker’s First Name and Last Name have been added to the Email Template options.
  • Job Seekers will now receive an email confirmation when they’vethey have successfully subscribed to new job postings.
  • An “In use” icon has been added to the Approval Process list to help identify which process has previously been used.
  • Inactive and unused user Function Profiles can now be removed from the system.
  • A new Function Profile has been added that can restrict a balanceTRAK user’s ability to delete a job requisition.Requisition.
  • The ability to restrict access to specific requisitionRequisition and jobJob descriptionDescription fields has now been added to the Data Profiles page in Profile Management.Management.
  • Requisition fields can now be re-ordered to better meet the needs of your company’s requisitionRequisition process. Contact Product Support for more details.
  • Additional bug fixes

3.1 Release - Monday, May 5, 2014

This upgrade will include the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

  • An optional Workflow setting will now be available to automatically close a requisitionRequisition when the number of hires meets the requisition’sRequisition’s specified number of positions
  • Individual jobJob seekerSeeker Questions and answers will now be available for system data export
  • The User Permissions report has been enhanced to list active and inactive balanceTRAK users
  • Usability enhancements have been made for clients having multiple Job Posting pages
  • Enhancements have been made to the Requisition Detail, Job Seeker by Requisition, and Open Requisition reports to improve usability
  • The capability to delete Job Seekers has been restructured and placed into its own Function Profile
  • balanceTRAK users can now specify a default Application or Prescreener form on each requisitionRequisition
  • General bug fixes

3.0 Release - Sunday, March 23, 2014

This upgrade will include the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

  • A new “look and feel” has been applied to balanceTRAK for improved usability
  • Ability to add an EEO Statement to the Job Posting page, the Job Description page, and the Job Seeker Login page
  • System enhancements for the Individuals with Disabilities (IWD) and Protected Veterans Regulations:
    • Addition of the IWD question to comply with the new regulations and with the mandated wording
    • Modification of the default Veterans question to comply with the new regulations and with the mandated wording
    • Ability to add the newly created IWD and Veterans question to existing Self-ID form or create and manage additional Self-ID forms.
    • IWD and Protected Veteran reporting enhancements
  • General system bug fixes

2.2 Release - Monday, October 28, 2013

This upgrade includes the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

  • Revised Applicationapplication Processprocess and Job Seeker Optionsoptions
  • Improved Application Forms — The jobJob seekerSeeker application process has been revised to work more fluidly on various browsers and devices. The application process was also enhanced to improve accessibility, and be more in line with accessibility standards, for Individuals with Disabilities.
  • Subscribe to Job Openings—Openings — Job Seekers can now sign up to receive email notifications from an organization when a job opening, fitting their personalized selectionsselections, has been opened.
    • Enhanced Job Seeker Profile Page—thePage — The Job Seeker’s profile page has been redesigned to improve usability, manage their subscriptions, and enable them to better manage their profile.
    • Improved Job Description Page Customization—theCustomization — The Job Description page has been improved to allow for additional information from the job posting to be included with the jobJob description.Description. Additionally, the look and feel of the job description page can now be customized to match jobJob postingPosting pages

  • Separate Applicant Stage and Disposition Code fields—thefields — The balanceTRAK system now has the ability to separate the Applicant Status field into a dual Applicant Stage/Applicant Status model that better reflects hiring processes. The new feature will allow jobJob seekersSeekers to be grouped by their stage in the hiring process, and their current or final disposition within each stage. Please contact Product Support for activation information.
  • Client Usage Report—aReport — A system report has been added to the Client Settings menu which shows how many requisitionsRequisitions have been opened, how many job seekers have applied, and how often the system is being used by each of its users.
  • Job Seeker Limit—balanceTRAKLimit — balanceTRAK now provides users with the ability to set a limit on the number of job seekers that can apply for a specific requisition.Requisition. Please contact Product Support for activation information.
  • Importing Job Descriptions—theDescriptions — The ability to import jobJob descriptionsDescriptions has been added to the Job Code table.
  • Improved Email Features ◦Selecting
    • Selecting Job Seeker’s Requisition—whenRequisition — When sending an email to job seeker through balanceTRAK, or sending jobJob seekerSeeker information to another balanceTRAK user, a specific requisitionRequisition can now be selected for that candidate if they’vehe or she applied to more than one requisition.Requisition.
      • Attaching a Job Seeker’s RésuméResumé to Calendar Event—whenEvent — When creating and sending a calendar event for a specific jobJob seeker,Seeker, users now have the option to include the jobJob seeker’sSeeker’s résuméResumé as part of the appointment.
      • System Email Delay—theDelay — The ability to delay the auto response emails to jobJob seekersSeekers has been added to the Email Settings page. This is useful when you do not want a jobJob seekerSeeker to be notified immediately when theyhe immediatelyor failshe fails a Prescreener.
    • Job Seeker Management Enhancements—theEnhancements — The Job Seekers list can now be filtered by Flagged Job Seekers and Internal Job Seekers by using new options in the View menu at the top of the ManagerManage Job Seekers page.

    2.1 Release - Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

    This upgrade includes the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

    View Selected Job Seekers — Provides the ability to select and view the applicationApplication form and résuméResumé for multiple jobJob seekers.Seekers. Additionally, jobJob seekersSeekers can be flagged for future reference and have their status codes changed.

    Email Jobs to Friends — The ability to forward job postings to friends will be added to the Job PostingsPosting page.

    Note: This feature will not be turned on by default. Contact Berkshire’s Product Support Team to have this enabled for your organization.

    Approval Process Modification — The names of existing Approval Processes can now be edited.

    Approval Process Email Templates — The emails sent by balanceTRAK during a requisitionRequisition or hiring approvalApproval Process can now be customized.

    New Standard Requisition Fields — Requisition Fields for City, State, Postal Code, and Country are now standard fields in balanceTRAK.

    Form Template Auditing — Form template changes can now be tracked and monitored in the Form Templates pages under Administrative Settings.Settings.

    Improved Veteran Tracking — A default Reference Tabletable has been added for Veteran Status, and a designated Personal Info field to track Veteran status for future reporting.

    Job Seeker Filter Enhancement — The Job Seekers list can now be adjusted to show all seekers, all seekers that have completed at least one form, or all seekers that have completed an application.Application form.

    Expanded Form Permissions — The form permissions were enhanced to allow users to choose one of the following options: allowAllow form edits after job seekers have applied,applied; allow form edits until a job seeker has applied,applied; or allow form edits until the approval process is complete.

    Attach Documents to a Requisition — The ability to attach a document to a requisitionRequisition has been added to the Review Requisition page.

    Enhanced Portability of Job Seeker Resumés — All uploaded resumés will now be automatically converted into PDF format removing the need of Microsoft Word or other text editors local to your computer or mobile device.

    More Flexible Email TemplateTemplates —s Email templatesTemplates now allow the insertion of predefined text fields into the subject line.

    Improved Requisition Source Section — The Sources section within a requisition has been combined with the job posting links to provide a more intuitive and integrated interface to manage your sources. Automatic postings to job boards, such as Indeed.com and US.jobs, can also be turned on or off by requisition,Requisition, as necessary.

    balanceTRAK API

    balanceTRAK now includes version 1.0 of an API, allowing your IT professionals to read jobJob seekerSeeker and requisitionRequisition information programmatically to integrate with your other HR systems, including Payroll and HRIS.

    2.0 Release - Thursday, November 8, 2012

    balanceTRAK 2.0 was updated to run on ASP.NET 4.0 and updated version of supporting libraries, such as jQuery to improve efficiency of the application and enable for expanded functionality in future releases.

    1.2.2 Release - Monday, December 19, 2011

    This upgrade includes the following new features and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously reported issues:

    1. The requisitionRequisitions and jobJob seekerSeekers list pageslists have been expanded to include the following additional featuresfields for efficiency purposes: a.Additional fieldsthat can now be added or removed to the display on these pagespages.
    2. b.UsersUsers can now display all selected fields side by side on these pages by using the “Expand[Expand List”List] button c.Fieldsbutton. Fields can now be filtered directly on these pages by clicking the magnifying class above the fields

    1. The Customize View page now differentiates between default fields and optional fields included as part of a view. Additionally optional fields may now be reordered on this screen so that they may be displayed in a particular order.
    2. When a user searches for requisitionsRequisitions or jobJob seekers,Seekers, balanceTRAK now stores this information for historical purposes. A new report has also been added to the Reports pagepage, which allows a user to see all searches performed for a requisitionRequisition or jobJob seeker.Seeker.
    3. Inactive users are by default no longer displayed in the balanceTRAK userUser managementManagement screen. Inactive users are also removed from approvalApproval processes,Processes, notificationsnotifications, and scheduled events.
    4. An additional profileProfile option has been added to allow / notallow/not allow users to create a new “Basic” approvalApproval processProcess when submitting a requisition or hire for approval.
    5. Job seekers now have additional options for submitting a coverCover letterLetter when applying for a position. The jobJob seekerSeeker now has the ability to manually enter the coverCover letterLetter in addition to uploading a separate document.
    6. Users now have the ability to disable Approval Processes no longer needed. Disabled processes no longer appear as options when selecting an approvalApproval processProcess for a requisitionRequisition or a hired jobJob seeker.Seeker.