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Use Previously Created Sectors or Drilldowns to Filter Report Displays

Filter on Sectors

If you have created Reporting Structure > Sectors, calculations and Reports can be run by Sector. From Reports > Filter, select Sectors.

Check off one or more Sectors, and click [Save]. Proceed to: Select Reports.

Filter on Drilldowns

If you have created Drilldowns in the Plan\Reporting Levels section of your plan, you can set the Filter to run reports on selected Drilldowns. Employees will be grouped by Drilldown level and report calculations will be run by each selected Drilldown level. See the Drilldown section for more information on setting up Drilldowns.

From the Reports\Filter screen select Drilldowns to run reports on specific drilldowns. Check off the drilldowns you wish to run reports on and click Save. When reports are run, a separate report for each drilldown will be generated.

Depending on where this filter is set, the results by Drilldown may be different. For example, if you have a drilldown that is spread across multiple Plan Codes, the drilldown report at the Master Plan will include results across all Plan Codes, whereas in a Sub Plan, the results will include only the records in the drilldown for that Plan Code.