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BalanceAAP > Reports > Filters


  • Filter on Sectors
  • Filter on Drilldowns
  • Filter on Master Plan Units (if applicable)
    • Sub Plans
    • Rollups



Use Previously Created Sectors, Drilldowns, or Rollups to Filter Report Displays

The default setting for filters is: This Plan. However, the options below will apply previously created organizational units to report displays and allow AAP results to be assembled by those units for voluntary internal reporting.

  1. Set up Data and the organizational unit (as described in the linked Related Topics above).
  2. Navigate to: Reports > Filter.
  3. Make selections in the relevant category (shown below), and click the [Save] button.
  4. Proceed to the next step: Reports > Select Reports. All exported or viewed reports will be run by the organizational units.

Quick Reminder: ReturnBefore running a standard AAP, return to Reports > Filter toand restore the default setting and run a standard AAP.setting.

Filter on Sectors

If you have created optional Reporting Structure > Sectors, calculations for plan reporting can be run by Sector.

Select: Sectors. Next, check off one or more Sectors.

Filter on Drilldowns

If you have created optional Reporting Levels > Drilldowns, reports can be run, based on the Drilldown values.

Select: Drilldowns. Next, check off one or more Drilldowns.

Filter on Master Plan Units (if applicable)

Sub Plans

The output can be limited to one or more sub plans.

Click the radio button for: Sub Plans. Then, check off one or more sub plans.


Master plan reports can be run, using Reporting Levels > Rollups saved in the system.

First, click the radio button for: This Plan. Then, check off the Rollup units to include.

Quick Reminder: Data entries for Rollups are not required by the system. However, blank data entries can impact the accuracy of Rollup results. So check the relevant column on all Data tables to ensure desired entries are present.