What is REACH for?

Comprised of four tabs, REACH is designed to help you document Good Faith Efforts (GFE) for inclusion as part of your organization’s Affirmative Action plan (AAP). REACH is pre-loaded with recruiting sources from the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Your software Administrator* will also set up various menu options to support data entry:

  • Add or select recruiting Sources
  • Detail Good Faith Effort (GFE) Activities for each Source
  • Perform Evaluations of Sources for effectiveness
  • Perform REACH > Reports once the database is populated with information

*If you are an Administrator or a plan owner, please refer to: REACH Menus for Administrators.

BalanceAAP HELP Cross-references: Through an integration with balanceAAP, GFE information (which is collected by Location) can be tied into the appropriate plan and included in Narratives. For more information, see: