HELP / Video Tutorials

Berkshire is continually building a library of video lessons within the software.

Please login to balanceTRAK and balanceAAP, and navigate to the software task area of interest. Then click the Video icon, located on the right side of the page header. Where tutorials are available, they will be linked in the provided drop-down. You can also Search for a topic, using the Video drop-down.


Getting Started

  • Creating Your AAP
  • 2014-2018 ACS Tabulation Data

Data Management

  • Import Reference and Data Tables
  • Troubleshooting Your Import
  • Recruitment Area Walkthrough
  • Census Coding Filters
  • Census Coding
  • Internal Availability Walkthrough
  • Factor Weights Walkthrough
  • History Tab
  • IWD and Veterans
  • Hiring Overview

Narratives and Publish Plan

  • Narrative Settings
  • Editing the Narrative
  • Narrative Sections
  • Narrative Tags
  • Publish Plan

Reports and Data Export

  • AAP Overview
  • AAP Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Trend Reporting
  • EEO-1 Report
  • VETS-4212 Report

User and Profile Management

  • User Management - AAP
  • Profile Management - AAP

Support Information

  • Granting Support Access AAP


Getting Started

  • Requisition Overview
  • Job Seeker Overview

Home Page

  • Home Page Overview
  • Editing the Home Page
  • Customizing Individual Home Page Widgets
  • Setting Up Home Page Default Display


  • Creating Requisitions
  • Creating and Using Requisition Templates

Requisition Tabs

  • Requisition Details
  • Summary Tab
  • Fields Tab
  • Forms
  • Job Descriptions
  • Sources
  • Keywords
  • Approvals
  • Posting Dates
  • Workflow

Job Seekers

  • Profile
  • Documents - Resume and Cover Letter
  • Forms - Prescreener and Application
  • Assigning Job Seeker Stage and Disposition Code


  • Creating Interview Form Templates
  • Scheduling Interviews

Offer Letters

  • Managing Offer Letters
  • Adding and Sending Offer Letters

Reports and Data Export

  • balanceTRAK Reports
  • balanceTRAK Data Export

User and Profile Management

  • User Management - TRAK
  • Profile Management - TRAK

Support Information

  • Granting Support Access TRAK