BalanceAAP Reports & Dashboard Primer


  • What is Affirmative Action Plan Reporting?
  • Share and View AAP Reporting
    • Reporting
    • Dashboard (Master Plan only)
  • Access to Plans/Records Retention


What is Affirmative Action Plan Reporting?

BalanceAAP is a comprehensive application for developing and disseminating an annual Affirmative Action plan (AAP), a management document that serves to:

  • Measure the current state of equal employment opportunity at your organization, based on annual and interim review periods
  • AND

  • Guide future efforts in improving or maintaining workforce diversity

Typically, one or more users at your organization will be responsible for preparing AAP reporting, which is comprised of an array of AAP analyses, plus accompanying Narratives. There will be three individual AAPs for the following protected classes, generally organized by business establishment:

  • Minorities & Women
  • Individuals with Disabilities (IWD)
  • Protected Veterans

Share and View AAP Reporting

Each year when the AAP is disseminated, specific groups of balanceAAP users will be granted on-line access to view plan results. The two broad categories of these users include:

  • Plan owners and Administrators — Those software users who are actively engaged in Affirmative Action plan (AAP) preparation and/or system administration
  • Executives, hiring managers, Human Resource personnel, recruiters, and/or other colleagues — Those who will only access plan results

Accordingly, the plan(s) you will see (and the modules, tabs, and information within that plan) will be governed by your role in the AAP process and if applicable, your location. These permissions are granted to each user by the software Administrator/plan owner.

If you are a viewer who will be invited to access plan results, you will begin by opening the plan, before navigating to the Reports portal:


The Reports module serves as the repository for the results of your organization’s completed AAPs, displaying those AAPs that have been published to the portal. The key tabs are:

  • AAP Overview — See the plan overview metrics and the AAP Narratives
  • AAP Reports — Select, view, and output AAP reports
  • Filters — Customize the report display

Cross-reference for the Plan Owner/Administrator: Turn on portal access, here: Publish Plan.

Dashboard (Master Plan only)

Graphical displays, representing overviews of organization-wide information, may be viewed and exported. Both the plan owner/Administrator and the individual user can customize aspects of the display:

  • Dashboard > View — See Pie Charts, a Summary table, a Map object (or a Metrics object for Functional plans), and a Scorecard that together provide a "run-down" of relevant AAP results.

Quick Reminder as you view plans: To navigate to another plan (either for a prior year or another location), return to Plans.

Access to Plans/Records Retention

Prior completed plans will be retained on-line in Reports for balanceAAP software purchasers, according to the Plan Archive Date. Software purchasers and Berkshire's service clients may contact their Berkshire representatives for more information about records retention.