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Use the Home page and Plan Activities Buttons

Once a plan has been created, the plan's Home page provides access to — and brief descriptions of — the development steps for creating an Affirmative Action plan. For a sequential outline of plan development steps, refer to: Annual AAP Checklist. At the bottom of the page are Plan Activities buttons.

Last Activity Banner

A description of the Last Activity performed will be displayed at the top of the Home page.

Plan Activities Buttons

Recalculate the Plan

Refresh all calculations and reports in the plan by clicking [Recalculate]. Recalculating a plan can often resolve issues that may occur with complex calculations.

Validate Data Tables

Although validation will occur automatically during plan development, you may reconcile plan Data at any time from the Home page.

Export the Plan

Click [Export All] to store or use plan settings, data, and reports outside the system. A Zip file will contain settings and tables in Excel, while reports will be formatted in PDF. This is useful for storing legacy plans before balanceAAP archives them.

Master Plan/sub plans — From the Export All menu, choose sub plans, and click the [Export] button.

Quick Tip: This operation may take some time to complete. Click [Run in Background]. Open the Notifications panel for updates on percent completed; if the process is complete, click the [Download] icon for the export. (These functions are described below.)

Cross-reference: For information on the Plan Archive Date, see: Plan Information.

View Plan Log

Click [View Plan Log] to display the PLAN AUDIT report, listing the date-stamped activities that have taken place within the plan. The report can be filtered by date range and/or user ID.

Plan Lock

Click [Lock] to lock current plan and prevent all plan, data, and settings modification until plan is unlocked.

Plan Backups

To save a plan in its current state, click [Add Backup] under the Plan Backups header. Up to two backups can be saved. To revert the current plan to the most recently saved back-up, click the [Restore Backup] button. To delete a backup, click the [Remove Backup] button.

Note: If a plan is reverted, changes made since the backup was created will be lost.

Master Plan/sub plans Plan Backups are only available in the Master Plan.