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  • Select Intended Use for Imported File
  • Upload the File
  • Master Plan History Source Options
  • Results and Navigation Link

Import a Legacy Desktop/Server File into balanceAAP

Available for Administrators transitioning to balanceAAP from a prior non-Web version, these tools allow you to bring in legacy plans (.aap [single plan] or .aab [multiple plan]). To begin, choose System Tools from the page header. Scroll to the General subhead, and click on the BALANCEaap Import link.

Select Intended Use for Imported File

From the Import Source menu, select the intended use for the file:

  • Use imported file as a Plan

Note: You must have a balanceAAP subscription for the plan year. For more assistance, contact your Berkshire Account Executive.


  • Use imported file as a History Source

Click [Next].

Upload the File

Using the Upload File menu, locate the file for import. Click [Next] again.

Click [Import].

The plan or plans in the file will be displayed. Select a single plan OR multiple plans (.aab only). After you click [Next], the plan details will display. Click [Import].

Master Plan History Source Options

(Master Plans only) Select how to match sub plans:

  • Match on Establishment
  • Match on Plan Code

Note: If no match can be made for a sub plan, no history data will be imported into the plan.

If "Use imported file as a History Source" was selected (as described above), select a target plan, by Company, Establishment, and Plan. Click [Next].

Click [Import] to complete the process.

Results and Navigation Link

A Results page will display that includes a link to the plan Home page or the history data, as appropriate.