Offer Templates


  • How Offer Templates Work
  • Create a New Offer Template
    • Upload a Word Document
    • Review Tags
    • Develop Signature Options
  • Edit an Existing Offer Template
    • Make an Offer Template Inactive

Administer Offer Letter Templates for Communication with Job Seekers

How Offer Templates Work

While other communication templates in balanceTRAK rely on email, an Offer Template will look and act as an "official" correspondence on your company's letterhead. For security, the selected Job Seeker will log into his or her Profile to access and respond to the Offer letter.

The Offer Letter will have the following components:

  • Corporate branding and contact information
  • Message content
    • Tags to define personalization, or merge, information (e.g., Job Seeker Name, Start Date, Job Title)
  • When sent to the Job Seeker, an accept/decline feature and a signature box for use by the Job Seeker

In Settings > Offer Templates, an Administrator can work with template components, such as uploading the source Word document, making a template inactive (or active), including/deleting or editing tags, and previewing templates in a PDF viewer.

In a similar fashion to other balanceTRAK modules, the list of existing Offer Templates is located in the left-hand column, while a window is available on the right for working with a highlighted template.

This module supports the Job Seekers > Job Seeker detail > Offers tab.

Create a New Offer Template

Begin by adding the new template to the system: Click the Add New icon, located above the list column.

  1. On the Information tab, enter a Template Name (for example, "Hourly Personnel Offer")
  2. Retain the default check box to make the template: Active; or remove the check, and activate it later.

Press the [Save] button.

Then follow the steps below.

Upload a Word Document

Before working in the software, obtain a letterhead document in Word on your computer or network, or develop one. The letterhead should include both header/footer components and the message content.

Tags must also be predefined in this document (within double brackets), so the system can detect them on upload. Before doing so, open the template you saved above; navigate to the Tags tab, and review the list of Predefined Tags. In the Word document, format and type all of the tags needed, exactly as shown there.

Next, open the Offer Template you saved previously, and navigate to the Edit tab.

  1. Click the [Browse] button, and locate the source document.
  2. Click the [Upload] button.
  3. Answer [Yes] or [No] to the following question: Would you like to specify signature tags from your uploaded document? (Signature options can be defined later, as described below.)

The Upload process will take you to View tab, where the letter will display in a PDF viewer.

Review Tags

The Tags tab will display the system's permitted tags (i.e., Predefined Tags) on the left, and the Detected Tags, as included in the uploaded document, to the right.

Develop Signature Options

On the Tags tab, in the lower portion, the Signature Options menu shows drop-down options for including signature and date boxes for both the Job Seeker and the company representative.

After making selections, click the [Save] button.

Edit an Existing Offer Letter Template

An existing Offer Template can be modified to replace the Word document and edit tags, just like when the template was created. Please follow the instructions above.

Make an Offer Template Inactive

After selecting a Offer Template from the list column, the Information tab will display. Next to the Active tagline, remove the check from the box.