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  • About Working with Forms
  • View Forms and Perform Form Actions
  • Add a New Form to the Requisition

Access Forms in the Requisition Detail

About Working with Forms

Important Alert: To protect Form integrity, Form editing may be disabled, according to (1) user permissions and/or (2) whether a triggering Requisition action has occurred (e.g., the approval process is complete; a Job Seeker has applied).

Please contact your organization's balanceTRAK Administrator or Berkshire's Product Support for more information as appropriate for your role and organization.

As a best practice, the Forms associated with a Requisition should remain the same for the duration of a Job Posting, so that consistent Questions are presented to Job Seekers who apply. However, the Requisition detail > Forms tab can be accessed to view Forms, and when necessary, add, edit, or delete one. Any updates to Forms are tracked by the system to the Form's History, as described below.

Cross-reference: If you are an Administrator, a description of Implementation settings is located here: Client Settings.

View Forms and Perform Form Actions

Quick Tips:

  • Stop by the Summary tab to see the number of Job Seekers who have completed the APPLICATION (and/or PRESCREENER, based on your Implementation).
  • Return to the Home page Dashboard to view the Drop Off chart, showing where Job Seekers left the application process by Form Section.

Just like how Forms were displayed while the Requisition was being created, they are organized by the following columns, from left to right:

  • Form Templates — The library of available Forms
  • External — Forms currently associated with the Requisition's external posting
  • Internal — Forms currently associated with the internal posting

Within the last two columns, listed above, each existing Form (e.g., Prescreener, Application) is shown as a bar for viewing or editing.

To access each Form's toolbar, click the Expand icon within each Form's bar. Based on each user's permissions, the toolbar will contain the following icons for working with a particular Form:

  • View — View a PDF of the Form (and print, if needed)
  • Edit — Modify an existing Form, and make form changes
  • Delete — Remove a Form (and click [OK] to confirm the deletion)
  • History — Follow a quick link to the Form's Template's editing History
  • Scoring — Create a Scoring Scheme that will assign values to applicant responses
  • Settings — Follow a quick link to the underlying Form Template's Settings

Add a New Form to a Requisition

First, access the Forms tab. Again, in the same manner that a Form is added during Add New Requisition, drag a Form from the Form Templates column on the left to one of the External or Internal columns on the right.