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  • View Plan Metrics
  • Access the Completed Plan Narratives

Access an Overview for the Basics of AAP Results

Many users who are entering balanceAAP to view plan results for a single Annual plan will access the Reports > AAP Overview tab to quickly and easily review plan metrics and completed Narratives, the backbone of AAP results.

View Plan Metrics

For those users who are provided access, the Overview tab provides graphs for:

  • Incumbency vs. Estimated Availability
  • Job Groups with Adverse Impact
  • Workforce (composition)

By clicking on links in the upper control bar, the charts may be displayed:

  • By Race
  • OR

  • By Gender

To explore a more detailed view of the information in a graph, click items within each graph.

Example: The Workforce (for Minorities) pie chart shows employment by Department. To see the breakdown for a given Department, click on that slice to view counts of Minorities and Whites within the Department.

Access the Completed Plan Narratives

Quick links to the Minorities and Women Narrative, the Individuals with Disabilities [IWD] Narrative, and the Protected Veterans Narrative, are also provided in the upper control bar.