BalanceTRAK / Settings for Location Access

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Before learning about access by organizational unit, please familiarize yourself with the article linked above.


  • Update the User's Location Access
    • Add a Location to the User's Account
    • Delete a Location from the User's Account
    • Quickly Remove All Location Access for the User

Manage Access for Multiple Organizational Units

Note: The functions described in this article are for users with Administrative-level permissions; these functions may not display or be editable in your environment. If you have questions regarding the functions available to you, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

If your organization has multiple establishments or functional units, user access to balanceTRAK data can be controlled by Location code. Alongside user credentials and assigned software Profiles, Location codes control what users can see and edit. (For organizations with multiple Job Posting pages, Location codes also tie each unit's Requisitions to the proper Job Posting page.)

While working in System Tools > User Management, Location settings will be integral to editing user accounts and managing users in your environment.

Location codes, specific to your environment, were determined during software Implementation, for up to four levels in an organizational hierarchy (e.g., Location, Division, Subsidiary).

Cross-reference: In support of system operation, a Location Code Data table is stored at: Settings > Reference Tables. For information, see: Special Settings by Table / Location Code.

Update the User's Location Access

On the user's TRAK tab, the available options for Location Access are housed in the left-hand menu. To the right, a column displays any Current Locations that are currently applied to the selected user.

After highlighting the user on the User List, the Administrator can perform the following actions via the user's TRAK tab:

Add a Location to the User's Account

Check off one or more options in the left-hand Add Location menu; then press the [Save] button. The selected unit(s) will move to the right-hand column, under: Current Locations.

Delete an Existing Location from the User's Account

Find the Current Location in the right-hand column; then select the corresponding Remove icon.

Quickly Remove All Location Access for the User

For the highlighted user with existing access, simply click [Remove All Access], a button positioned under the Current Locations header.