Display Resume, Cover Letter, and Documents

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  • Display a Document
  • Navigate, Print, or Download Documents
  • View Keyword Matches in a Resume
  • Add a Document to the Job Seeker Record
    • Delete a Document

View the Job Seeker's Submitted Documents

Occupying the third position in the tab header for the Job Seeker detail, Documents houses the Job Seeker's RESUME and when applicable, the accompanying COVER LETTER, as submitted by the applicant. In addition, other Job Seeker Documents can be uploaded and stored here by a balanceTRAK user (with appropriate permissions) after the Job Seeker has applied.

Display a Document

When a Job Seeker is highlighted on the Job Seeker list, the Documents tab > Most Recent RESUME automatically displays, unless you click on other detail tabs in between.

Quick Tip: After entering a Job Seeker detail and reviewing the RESUME, simply choose another Job Seeker from the Job Seeker list to compare applicants.

To navigate between the various Documents, a drop-down menu is located in the upper toolbar, on the upper left. Just click the down arrow, and display one of the following items:

  • Most Recent RESUME^
  • RESUME (for the currently selected Requisition)^
  • OR

  • [Other Document by title]

^Quick Reminder: A Job Seeker applying to multiple positions at your organization may submit a different RESUME for each Requisition.

The Document will be displayed in a PDF Document viewer.

Navigate, Print, or Download Documents

Among other tools, the PDF viewer for viewing Documents comes with familiar header tools to:

  •   View Thumbnails (in the Sidebar)
  •   Search
  •   Zoom
  •   Navigate through pages
  •   Print
  •   Download

View Keyword Matches in a Resume

In addition to a Keyword Match Score (percentage) displaying above the display window (to the right), Keyword Matches will be highlighted in yellow within the Job Seeker's RESUME.

Add a Document to the Job Seeker Record

System-compatible formats are:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • TXT

From the upper toolbar, choose the New Document icon. Browse for the document on your computer or network; then, click the [Open] button. The Document will be added to the end of the toolbar drop-down menu, making it available for viewing.

Delete a Document

From the toolbar drop-down, select a Document by [title]. Then choose the Delete Current Document icon from the toolbar.

Note: Only one (Most Recent) Resume and one (Most Recent) Cover Letter may be saved. If a new version is uploaded, the system will ask whether to overwrite the prior version. [OK] or [Cancel] the upload. To save additional versions of the same document, use: Other.