Review the Job Seeker's Submitted Forms

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  • What Forms can a Job Seeker Complete?
    • How Forms are Organized
    • About Form Status
  • View a Form (in PDF)
    • Navigate, Print, or Download Completed Forms
    • Edit or Reopen a Form (Authorized users only)
  • Add an HR(-only) Form to the Job Seeker Record

Overview of the Forms Tab

In the Job Seeker detail, the Forms tab houses the APPLICATION and other Forms the Job Seeker has completed in response to the Job Posting. This tab is located at the second position in the tab header, providing detailed access to the data your organization has requested from the applicant.

The landing page for Forms is the APPLICATION.

Quick Reminder: A Job Seeker applying to multiple positions at your organization may complete one or more different Forms for each Requisition. Make sure the proper Requisition, associated with the Job Seeker, is being displayed.

What Forms can a Job Seeker Complete?

Based on your organization's specific set-up, the Job Seeker may submit one or more of the following standard Forms:

  • APPLICATION (Required)


Note: In order to display on the Job Seeker list (and therefore, be considered for the Requisition), each Job Seeker must complete the APPLICATION (or a PRESCREENER, as determined by the software Implementation). A Job Seeker who starts, but does not complete this Form will be marked as "Incomplete," and his or her listing will only be visible to the software Administrator.

How Forms are Organized

A sub-tab will display in Forms for each completed Form, labeled by type, and may use your organization's terminology (e.g., MAIN APPLICATION, GENERAL ASSESSMENT). When the submitted Form has arrived but has not yet been viewed, the sub-tab will be marked as "New."

Quick Tip: Depending on content and purpose, Forms may be collected when:

  • The Job Seeker applies as part of the implemented on-line process. For example, the successful completion of a short PRESCREENER allows the Job Seeker to complete and submit a full APPLICATION
  • Completed at your organization's kiosk location(s) (Where installed)
  • AND/OR

  • Sent to a Job Seeker later. For example, Forms to collect BACKGROUND CHECK and REFERENCES could be sent to selected Job Seekers, as needed. See: Send Email from the Job Seeker List

About Form Status

The Form's sub-tab will display a status bar at the upper right. However, most users will only see a Form when it has been fully completed by the Job Seeker. Therefore, the status for every Form will most likely be indicated as: Completed (on [date]).

For those with system permissions, the status of the Form can also be indicated as:

  • Started But Not Completed
  • OR

  • Not Started

See the related instruction below for: Edit and Reopen a Form (Authorized users only).

View a Form (in PDF)

The Form represented by the first sub-tab to the left will display on entry. To show a different Form, select the appropriate sub-tab from the tab header.

Navigate, Print, or Download Completed Forms

Each Form's sub-tab will be largely comprised of a window, displaying the completed Form. Among other tools, the PDF viewer for viewing each Form comes with familiar header tools to:

  •   View Thumbnails (in the Sidebar)
  •   Search
  •   Zoom
  •   Navigate through pages
  •   Print
  •   Download

When the PDF is printed, the form will be identified with the Job Seeker Name, Requisition Number, and Job Title.

Edit or Reopen a Form (Authorized users only)

By expanding the upper status bar to display a drop-down toolbar, an authorized user may perform two actions for each Form:

  • Edit Job Seeker Answers
  • Reopen the Form for the Job Seeker, so he or she can supplement the information. (The tab's status bar will indicate the Form is: Reopened.)

Cautions: When a Form is reopened for the Job Seeker to complete, the applicant's inclusion in the Requisition or the current Disposition status can be impacted if the Form is not subsequently resaved.

If you are a balanceTRAK user editing the Job Seeker's answers, such as for the addition of References, remember to [Save] the updated Form.

Add an HR(-only) Form to the Job Seeker Record

A quick-link icon is available on the upper left, above the PDF display window, to add an HR Form to the Job Seeker detail. (An HR Form Template must exist in the system.)

Click the Add HR Form icon, and select the relevant HR Form Template from the drop‑down. Then, Save the Form.

Cross-reference: An INTERVIEW Form can be added, via the Job Seeker detail > Interview tab.