Manage the Job Seeker Profile

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  • Layout of the Job Seeker Profile Tab
  • View and (Update) Contact Information
    • Show Sensitive Information (HR and Administrator Profiles only)
  • View Jobs Applied To
    • Quick Link to an Associated Requisition
  • Review the Job Seeker's Subscriptions
  • Mark Job Seeker as Ineligible
  • Change the Job Seeker's Password (System Administrator only)

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Work with Job Seeker Profile

Layout of the Job Seeker Profile Tab

The first, or central stop, in the Job Seeker detail for managing applicant information is the Profile tab, comprised of five sub-tabs:

  • Personal Information
  • Jobs Applied To
  • Subscriptions (While applying, the Job Seeker can subscribe to alerts about preferred Job Titles or keywords.)
  • Ineligibility (The Job Seeker can be marked as eligible / ineligible for hire.)
  • Security

These sub-tabs are discussed in this article, as follows.

1. View (and Update) Contact Information

From the Profile > Personal Information tab, review the field(s) and locate any that requiring editing. The following fields, pulled from the Personal Information Section of the Job Seeker APPLICATION, are typically available:

  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name; Other Names, Maiden Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Race Code, Gender Code
  • Email Address, Phone Can Text, Extension; Additional Phone, Additional Phone Can Text
  • Date of Birth
  • Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country; At This Address, At This Address Since
  • Driver License Number

After entering the updated information, select the [Save Personal Information] button, at the bottom of the menu.

Show Sensitive Information (HR and Administrator Profiles only)

Certain identifiers are considered sensitive, such as Race, Gender, and Social Security Number. Depending on the software Implementation, including the defined user Profiles, viewing of these entries may be limited.

Users with appropriate permissions can press the [Sensitive Information] button at the bottom of the window to display this information.

Note: Berkshire develops and maintains software in accordance with industry standards for the security and confidentiality of data that identify Job Seekers. For more information on Berkshire's policies and balanceTRAK's role- and user-based permissions to limit access to personally identifiable information (PII), contact Berkshire's Product Support.

2. View Jobs Applied To

For a cumulative list of open positions to which the Job Seeker applied, access the Jobs Applied To tab. This table displays job information by:

  • Requisition (Number)
  • Application Date
  • Job Seeker Stage
  • Disposition
  • % of (RESUME) Keywords Matched

Quick Tip: To see the Job Seeker's Resume, with Keyword matches highlighted, navigate to the Documents tab.

Quick Link to an Associated Requisition

For each job applied to, the Requisition Number serves a one-click link to the underlying Requisition detail.

3. Review the Job Seeker's Subscriptions

The Subscription tab documents whether a Job Seeker has subscribed to receive email alerts about open positions and what Keywords reflect the applicant's employment interests. Although only the Job Seeker can add a Subscription, the employer-side user can update an existing one for Keywords and type of match (i.e., Any, Exact Match) to assist the Job Seeker.

Click the Delete button to cancel a Subscription for the Job Seeker.

4. Mark a Job Seeker as Ineligible

While the default Ineligibility setting is Eligible for Hire, the balanceTRAK user with appropriate permissions can update this setting by clicking the button for: [Mark as Ineligible for Hire]. It is recommended that Comments be added to this tab, describing the rationale.

To return to the default setting, click the [Mark as Eligible for Hire] button.

5. Change the Job Seeker's Password (System Administrator only)

The designated System Administrator can reset a Job Seeker's Password in the event an issue arises. Enter the following:

  • Current Password
  • New Password
  • Confirm New Password

Then, press the [Save] button. The Job Seeker will be notified of the change, and the action is logged in the Job Seeker detail > History.