Perform Job Seeker Actions

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  • Perform Recordkeeping Functions
    • Show the Actions Menu
    • Mark Job Seeker Records as New
    • Delete one or more Job Seekers
    • Copy Job Seeker Details to another Requisition
    • Transfer the Job Seeker's Assessment Status (Where applicable)

  • Assign Stage and Disposition
  • Send Email (and Forms) from the Job Seeker List
  • Full List of Available Job Seeker Actions

Implement Actions from the Job Seeker List

Whether it's sending a blank Form to a Job Seeker or assigning Job Seeker Stage/Disposition, among other tasks, the Job Seeker list serves as a convenient platform for performing Actions, involving one Job Seeker or several. The list displays a blank check box at the right of every Job Seeker to make selections for intended action.

Quick Reminder: To aid in selecting relevant Job Seekers, each applicant is associated on the Job Seeker list with the Requisition(s) and Job Title(s) he or she applied to and if applicable, a Keyword Match Score or an ASSESSMENT Pass or Fail icon.

Show the Actions Menu

When at least one Job Seeker is selected on the Job Seeker list, the Actions Menu slides out on the column's right side.

Mark Job Seeker Records as New

Upon completion of the APPLICATION (most installations), Job Seekers are added to the Job Seeker list and labeled as: New. This label will remain until you view the Job Seeker detail for the first time. If a Job Seeker subsequently applies to a different Requisition, just that Requisition will be marked as: New.

However, a Job Seeker can be re-designated as: New.

Note: The removal of the "New" designation upon viewing is by user.

After checking off one or more Job Seekers, use the visbile Actions menu to select: Mark as New. Under the Job Seeker's Name entry, a "New" flag will appear to the left of all of the Job Seeker's associated Requisitions.

Delete one or more Job Seekers

The deletion process is multi-stepped to ensure the action for each record is confirmed:

  1. Begin by selecting the check box next to one or more Job Seekers.
  2. The Actions menu will slide out in the Job Seeker list column. From this menu, click Delete Selected.
  3. For your review, each record selected for removal will be identified in the Deleted Record window, which will display to the right of the Job Seeker list.
  4. Click a record's Remove icon to confirm deletion by line item.
  5. OR

    Delete all selected records by selecting and holding the [Hold to Delete] button with your mouse until the progress bar indicates the records are successfully removed.

To return to the Job Seeker list without removing any record, slick the [Cancel] button.

Copy Job Seeker Details to another Requisition

Select the check box next to one or more source Job Seekers. Then, from the Actions Menu, click on: Copy Details to a New Requisition. In the Copy Job Seeker section, information may be copied for the following forms:

  • Prescreener Form
  • Assessment Form
  • Application Form
  • Other job seeker forms

(Optional) Check the box, next to the tagline: Notify users they are being selected for a new position.

When finished, click [Copy].

Transfer the Job Seeker's Assessment Status (Where applicable)

When a Job Seeker is copied from one Requisition to another — and Forms match — the Job Seeker's ASSESSMENT status of PASS can be carried over. In the Review Job Seeker detail > Jobs Applied To table, a status of "Already Passed" will display for the "new" Requisition.

Assign Stage and Disposition

From the Job Seeker list, take the following simple steps:

  1. Check off one or more Job Seekers.
  2. In the Actions drop-down, pick: Assign Stage and/or Disposition Code. The resulting menu will open to the right, adjacent to the Job Seeker list. Columns for each Job Seeker will indicate the current Job Seeker Stage and Disp(osition) Code.
  3. Using the upper drop-downs, choose one or both attributes to apply. (If a Job Seeker should not be included, remove the record by clicking the associated Delete icon.)
  4. Review the settings and click the [Assign] button. (Or choose the [Cancel] button to close the menu without changing Stage or Disposition.)

Cross-reference: This function can also be applied to an individual Job Seeker, while his or her record is being reviewed: Job Seeker detail > Assign Job Seeker Stage and Disposition.

Full List of Available Job Seeker Actions

  • Assign Stage and/or Disposition
  • Copy Selected
  • Delete Selected
  • Mark Records as New (Unviewed)
  • Send an Email
  • Invite Job Seeker to Apply for a Requisition
  • Forward Details to a New Requisition