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  • View Approval Process Status
    • What Happens when a Requisition is Approved?
  • Tools for the Requisition Owner/Approval Submitter
    • Send an Approval Reminder
    • Skip an Approver
    • Resubmit Request to an Approver
    • View an Approver's Comments
    • Restart or Cancel the Approval Process


Review and Facilitate Requisition Approvals

In the Requisition, both the submitter of an Approval request and the designated approver(s) can review the status of a pending request. Accordingly, the active phase for Approvals will occur while the Requisition is in the Pending Category. Once the process is successful (and the Requisition is Open), you can go back and review documentation on the sign-offs, as needed.

Quick Tip: If you are an approver, you can respond to requests via the Pending Approvals tile on the Home page Dashboard.

Reminder: If an Approval Process was not included in a Pending Requisition, one can be designed on the Approvals tab. Follow the same instructions as provided at: Develop a New Approval Process. When you are ready to initiate the request, click the [Submit for Approval] button.

View Approval Process Status

Visit the Requisition detail > Approvals tab to view the status of an existing Approval request. On this tab, an upper banner will indicate the current status. Below that, a vertical flow diagram will detail the process, outlining anywhere from one approver to multiple decision-makers, according to the particular process.

Reminder: In the Add New Requisition wizard, the task area is called Approval Process to reflect that a process is undergoing development. Subsequently, the tab in an existing Requisition will indicate Approvals are being obtained and tracked.

An Approval request that is underway will be indicated as follows:

  • A pending request will be indicated by an Open circle to the left of the approver's name, and a personalized message at the top of the tab indicates: This requisition is awaiting [User name, or your] approval.

  • Based on your organization's Implementation, the system will log an overdue Approval response, with a Timed out icon. This approver can be sent a reminder, per the instructions below.

A completed step in the Approval Process will be indicated as follows:

  • A positive Approval is represented by Check mark to the left of each approver's name and labeled with a date. Once the Requisitions is approved, a tagline will display below above the chart: The approval process for this requisition has been completed.
  • OR

  • If an Approval was declined, that will be indicated by an "X" to the left of the approver's name, and the following message displays above the chart: The approval process for this requisition was not completed successfully.
  • The submitter can resubmit the Requisition, as outlined in this article, below.

What Happens when a Requisition is Approved?

A Requisition remains in the Pending Category until it is approved. Upon Approval — and arrival of the Job Posting Start Date — the Requisition advances to the Open Category for posting on line.

Note: A Requisition with full automatic Workflow settings will be: Put in the Open Category; set to Accepting New Job Seekers; and Posted Internally and/or Externally.

Tools for the Requisition Owner/Approval Submitter

In addition to monitoring Approval status, the Requisition owner will have access to tools in the Approvals flow chart that facilitate the ongoing Approval Process. In addition to reminding an approver about an overdue response, you can resubmit a request to an approver who declined, skip an approver, or restart/cancel the process from the Approvals tab.

Send an Approval Reminder

Quick Tip: Based on your organization's settings, Pending Requisitions that have exceeded a specified time period may be labeled with a Watch icon on the Requisition list.

Return to the Approvals tab to view the process outline, and locate the tardy approver, indicated by an icon for: Open circle OR Timed out.

To send an electronic reminder to the approver, click the Email icon, located adjacent to the approver's name.

Skip an Approver

This feature is particularly beneficial to organization with complex Approval Processes, involving multiple decision-makers:

Click the Skip icon to the right of an Approver who has not yet responded. Depending on whether there is a single approver or several, the process will be moved along to the next step, or concluded.

Note: The icon will intuitively display in cases where the Approval Process can be moved forward.

Resubmit a Request to an Approver

If an approver rejects the Pending Requisition, the submitter can select the Resubmit icon, next the approver's name/decision entry, after making the necessary changes to Requisition content.

View an Approver's Comments

If an Approver has included Comments in his or her response, the View icon will display next to the approver's name/decision entry. Click this icon to expand the entry and show the Comments.

Restart or Cancel an Approval Process

When applicable, a pair of intuitive toolbar buttons will display on the Approvals tab. While the Resubmit icon restarts a request to an individual approver, the [Restart Approval Process] allows you to restart the entire process.

(Administrators) For an active Approval, click the [Cancel Approval Process] button to stop the process. To confirm the cancellation, click the [OK] button in the provided pop-up. Any approvers who received an Approval request prior to the cancellation will see an alert banner when they attempt to respond.