Set Workflow / Posting Dates

PRIOR STEP: Implement Resumé Keywords


  • Workflow: Cap the Number of Job Seekers (Optional)
  • Determine Posting Dates

FINAL STEP: Review Summary and Save the Requisition

Automate Job Posting Settings

Representing the final new Requisition building blocks, steps for Workflow and Posting Dates provide options to, respectively:

  • Set a Job Seeker threshold that will trigger the Requisition to stop accepting applications
  • AND

  • Determine when or how long the Job Posting will be active on-line

Reminder: For those using Requisition Templates, Workflow and Posting Dates (in relative form) can be auto-populated into the new Requisition. With a Template, these settings may be locked by your organization, or they may be editable.

Workflow: Cap the Number of Job Seekers (Optional)

While building the new Requisition, proceed to the Workflow task area, and complete the Job Seeker Limits menu:

  1. Check the box to turn the Job Seeker limit on, next to the tagline: Stop accepting new candidates when [XX] people have applied.
  2. Using the tagline's Up/Down arrows, enter a maximum number for Job Seekers allowed.

When the limit is reached, the header setting in the Requisition detail for Accepting New Job Seekers (along with Posted Externally / Posted Internally) will be turned off.

Click the [Next Step] button to move on to the Posting Dates menu.

Determine Job Posting Dates

Settings on the Job Posting Dates tab control the timing and length of the "live" on-line posting period for the Requisition.

Reminder: When a Requisition Template is in place, settings for a relative Job Posting period may be pre-determined and locked.

There are three basic options, selected via radio button. The first two options are based on entering specific dates, while the third, automated option accommodates an Approval Process, if one is in place:

  1. Enter Dates (External Posting) — Input the desired Start Date and End Date, using the provided calendars OR enter the dates as follows: two-digit month/two-digit day/four-digit year.
  2. Enter Dates (Internal and External Posting) — For this option, enter a Start Date and an End Date for each period, by direct entry or by selecting dates from the provided Calendars.
  3. OR

  4. Automated — To post the job opening when the Approval Process is complete OR alternatively, when the Requisition is Open — check the box next to: Date Range automatically set to (Approval Date or) Create Date.

Next, check one of the radio buttons to determine how the Internal and External Posting periods will be treated:

Post Internally and Externally at the same time for [XX] days.

Post Internally first for days then post externally for an additional [XX] days.


Post Internally and Externally Until Requisition is Closed.

Finally, choose a numeric entry where requested, representing the posting period in days: Scroll with the provided Up/Down arrows to choose a number (e.g., 14 days).

Click the [Next Step] button to move on to the Summary.