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  • Submit a Job Seeker for a Background Check
    • Receipt of the Background Check Report
  • Submit a New Hire to Third-party Onboarding
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Take Advantage of Links to External Services (Where Installed)

About the Screenings Tab

The Job Seeker detail > Screenings tab connects balanceTRAK to certain integrated third-party vendors that provide Background Check investigations (e.g., Justifacts) and onboarding services (e.g., EMPtrust). The menus displayed here will reflect the information-gathering needs of the particular provider.

Important Note: While balanceTRAK facilitates interactions with select third-party providers, each vendor will maintain its proprietary Website and deliver services, based on an agreement between your organization and the provider.

Submit a Job Seeker for a Background Check

In order to obtain a Background Screening from the integrated provider, the Job Seeker must first complete a BACKGROUND CHECK Form.


Once that information is in hand, navigate to the Job Seeker's Screenings tab. Follow the vendor-provided prompts, and make any required selections. Then, press [Submit] to forward the Form to the third-party vendor and initiate background screening.

Receipt of the Background Check Report

In addition to maintaining an external portal, the third-party Background Check provider will typically send an email notification directly to the submitter's Email program upon completion of the check. The message may include a link to the results and/or be accompanied by a report attachment.

However, if supported by the provider, a link to the vendor's portal may display on the Screenings tab once the report is ready to be viewed.

Submit a New Hire to Third-party Onboarding

If your organization currently has an account with EMPTrust — and a Job Seeker has been placed in the Job Seeker Stage of Hire — an EMPTrust menu on the Job Seeker detail > Screenings tab.

After confirming that the Job Seeker's Profile and APPLICATION are complete, click the [Submit] button. The EMPTrust system will automatically pull the necessary data over to the vendor's external site to facilitate your organization's Onboarding process.

In balanceTRAK, a message will indicate that the information has been forwarded, plus the date of transmission.

Resubmit Information to the Provider

If a submission has been sent previously, click the [Resubmit] button, available on theScreenings tab during that time, to send any updated or additional information.