Edit Keywords and Check Matches


  • Add a New Keyword
  • Delete an Existing Keyword
  • Check Overall Keyword Matches


Update Keywords and Check Percentage Match across Job Seekers

At any time, Keywords can be associated with a Requisition and fine-tuned to help identify the most promising candidates. When Keywords are in place, balanceTRAK will automatically scan the submitted RESUMES of Job Seekers who have applied to detect Keyword matches.

Add a New Keyword

In the Add New Keyword field, located below the Keywords header, enter a Keyword term. Then click the Save icon, which is located to the right of the field.

Delete an Existing Keyword

Click the [Delete] button above an existing Keyword to remove it from the Requisition.

Check Overall Keyword Matches

The percentage results for Keyword matches will be tallied across the completed APPLICATIONS of all Job Seekers who applied to the Requisition. These results will display with each Keyword. When the set of existing Keywords is updated, the system will rerun the percentage calculation.

This information will inform you about the frequency of matches across the applicant pool.

Cross-reference: For information on Keyword percentage scores by individual Job Seeker, which display on the Job Seeker list, see: Organize the Job Seeker List.