Implement Resumé Keywords

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  • How Keywords Help you Assess Applicants
    • Keyword Requirements
  • Associate Keywords with a New Requisition
    • Add a Keyword
    • Delete a Keyword

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Use Keywords to Score Resumés

An optional step in the Add New Requisition process is to develop Keywords as a measure to evaluate Job Seekers who apply. This screen can be accessed by either clicking the [Next Step] button on the Sources screen or choosing the seventh item in the side navigation menu.

Cross-reference: Keywords can added or deleted in the completed Requisition at any time, by accessing the Requisition detail. See: Edit Key Words and Check Matches.

How Keywords Help you Assess Applicants

By implementing Keywords:

  • Matches are highlighted in each applicant's RESUME for later review in the Job Seeker detail.
  • AND

  • Job Seekers can be reviewed on the Job Seeker list by: Keyword Match Score.

Keyword Requirements

A Requisition can have up to 10 separate Keywords, and a Keyword must have from 2-to-50 characters, including spaces. Therefore, a phrase can function as a Keyword.

Associate Keywords with a New Requisition

Add a Keyword

Simply enter a term in the provided field, and click the Add New Keyword icon. Each saved Keyword will display below the field, in a title bar.

Note: If a Requisition Template was applied during new Requisition Setup, some default Keywords may already be included.

Delete a Keyword

To remove a Keyword before proceeding further in the building the Requisition, click the Delete icon in the Keyword's title bar.

Press the [Next Step] button to determine Workflow settings. (Users without permission to edit Workflow can proceed directly to Summary, the last item in the side navigation menu.)