Communicate with the Job Seeker


  • Send an Email Message to a Job Seeker
  • Send a Text Message
  • Document a Telephone Call
  • Filter Communication Records
    • Show/Hide Job Seeker Communications by Mode
    • Show a Job Seeker's Communications for all Requisitions


Communicate with a Job Seeker and Track Interactions

The Job Seeker detail > Communication tab supports your organization's efforts to reach out to a Job Seeker by email and text, while also supporting your efforts to document telephone calls.

Quick Tip: Monitor the email and text conversations with the Job Seeker, via the software header's Notification Center (as described in the article, linked above.)

Accordingly, the tab is divided into a list column on the left, for tracking all Communications, plus a right-hand window, serving as a task area for composing and documenting these conversations. Once an email or a text message is sent, or a telephone call is saved, an entry is saved to the list column for later access.

Send an Email Message to a Job Seeker

From the upper toolbar, choose the Add New Email icon. Then proceed downward to complete the menus and fields, as displayed:

  1. (Optional) Select a Template from the provided drop-down (or leave the selection as: None).
  2. Review the Job Seeker's email address, as populated in the To field.
  3. (Optional) If applicable, CC and/or BCC other balanceTRAK users by typing a few letters of each name and selecting one from provided prompts. (To CC or BCC an external contact, enter the contact's email address.)
  4. Enter a Subject for the message.
  5. (Optional) To add a file to the message, click the Attachment icon, and browse for the file on your computer.
  6. Enter content in the message body, and format its appearance, using the Word-like formatting toolbar.

When the above items are complete, click the [Send] button at the bottom of the window.

Send a Text Message

From the upper toolbar, choose the Add New Text icon.

In the provided field, enter the message. Then press the [Send] button.

Note: Review the message carefully. The Communication will be visible to all balanceTRAK users who have permission to the view the Job Seeker's record.

Document a Telephone Call

Begin by choosing the Phone icon from the tab's header. This action will open a menu comprised of the following system-generated entries, for review:

  • User Name
  • Date
  • Time

Edit the entries, if necessary. Then, check the box for: Outgoing, if that applies to the call.

Record your notes about the call, and click the [Save] button.

Filter Communication Records

After several conversations with the Job Seeker, it may be beneficial to reduce the accumulated list (in the left column) by mode or, conversely, expand it to include other Requisitions.

Show/Hide Job Seeker Communications by Mode

By default, all communication modes — Email, Phone, and Text — are shown on the Communication tab. In the list's column header, toggle one, two, or all three corresponding icons from active to inactive, reducing the list, as needed.

Show a Job Seeker's Communications for all Requisitions

To the right of the mode icons (described above), click the Show All icon to expand the list to include all Job Seeker Communications, regardless of Requisition Number.