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Track Recruiting Sources for Job Openings

The Sources table (at the top of the Review Requisition detail) stores records of external career sites, where the job opening is, or will be, posted. Existing Sources will be displayed by:

  • Name
  • Auto-Post (on or off)
  • Cost
  • Tracking Code (used by the system to track Job Seeker "referrals" from integrated and associated career sites)

Some Sources will typically come with your balanceTRAK Implementation, and some, or all, may display automatically when the Requisition is added to the system.

Track a Source (and Assign Cost)

Add a Source — Click on the [Plus Sign] on the right of the Sources menu header to open a list of Sources that are available in your balanceTRAK Implementation. Select one or more Sources by using the checkboxes; then click [Save].

Delete a Source — To remove a Sources item, click the [Delete] button, which is located to the left of each entry.

Assign (and Edit) Cost (Where available) — Click the Assign link, and enter one. If a prior Cost entry has been made and is editable, click the entry to change it. When finished, select [Save].

View Web Form Links

Click [Expand] to view associated Web-page Forms (e.g., PRESCREENER, APPLICATION). To view the Web Form as the Job Seeker would see it, select the corresponding Web address entry (URL). The URL for each Source will include the Tracking Code as entered on the Sources table. This code is used to compile content for Reports in the REFERRAL SOURCE group.

Quick Tip: If the Source career site is not integrated with balanceTRAK, you may "copy-and-paste" the displayed URL when you set-up the external job posting.

HELP Cross-references: A Form is linked to the URL when it is created or added; see:

About Auto-Post

If Auto-Post is enabled for one or more Sources, this is indicated by a [Check mark] under the corresponding column. A Requisition will automatically be posted to the Web, based on the Requisition Status that designates it as open. To turn off Auto-Post for a Requisition, click the [Check mark].

“Manual” posting to the URL may be required for some Sources. If so, an appropriate actions menu will appear in the Review Requisition detail. Follow the prompts as indicated to post the Requisition on line.

Note: Available Sources for selection (and related functions) are determined during Implementation and managed at the Administrative level, based on the job board's functionality and the integration.

Cross reference: If you are an Administrator, refer to this list of Implementation settings: Client Settings.

Post the Job Opening to Job Boards

Below the Approval Process menu in the Review Requisition detail, you will see a specific menu for each job board your organization has contracted with. Menu options will vary for each job board.

Example: If you are posting a position to CareerBuilder, you will be asked to check off applicable job type categories for the position, prior to clicking the [Post Job] button.

For additional information on:

  • Sources — See the BalanceTRAK Training Guide at: Review Requisition Screen / Sources.
  • BALANCEtrak's integrations with job boards — Please contact Berkshire’s Product Support.