Select Sources to Post a Job

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Choose External Sites where the Job Posting will Appear

About Adding Sources to a Requisition

At this midway point in the Requisition-building process, Sources — or job boards — are selected and associated with the new Requisition. Through these outlets, Job Seekers will find out about the job opening and initiate the APPLICATION process.

Several major job boards are Integrated with balanceTRAK, both free and fee-based Websites (Integrated Sources). For job boards that are not integrated with balanceTRAK (Manual Sources) and social media sites, the system offers tools for pushing your Job Posting to those outlets after the Requisition is developed.

Cross-reference: Whether you are posting manually or to an Integrated Source, make sure you visit the Sources tab in the Requisition to complete additional information: Manage and Track Sources.

Note: For additional information on balanceTRAK's integrations with job boards, contact your client-side Administrator. If you are an Administrator and would like information on Integrations or job board functionality, please contact Berkshire’s Product Support.

Add a Source to a Requisition

During the Add New Requisition process, enter Sources from the side navigation menu. The screen will be organized into two tables:

  • Manual
  • Integrated (Automatically posted on line when the Requisition is Open and Posted Externally)

First, click Add New Manual Sources OR Add New Integrated Sources to expand the appropriate menu. For later reference, the menu displays columns for:

  • Source Name
  • Cost
  • Tracking Code (System-assigned)
  • Link
  • In Use
  • (Number of Job Seekers)

Then, check off one or more Sources; for each selected Source, enter a Cost (optional).

(Integrated Sources, where applicable) Expand the down arrow to show Source-specific settings for the external job board. (Menu options will vary by job board.)

Example: If you are posting a position to CareerBuilder, you will be asked to check off applicable Job Type categories for the position, prior to clicking the [Post Job] button.

Edit a Source (for Cost) — Click the Edit Icon associated with the Source to activate the line item. Then expand the Cost drop-down, and select another entry.

When finished with adding or editing a Source, click [Save].

Delete a Source — Choose the Delete icon for the Source, and confirm the deletion.

When Sources are complete, continue to Keywords, by clicking the [Next Step] button.