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What is Availability used for in an AAP?

External and Internal Availability (Factor 1 and Factor 2, respectively) are considered together in an AAP to establish how many qualified minorities and women are "available" for jobs at your organization. Then, as the third prong of Availability, the results of the two-factor calculation will be weighted, using Factor Weights, and compared to employment statistics at your organization.

Advanced / Import Availability from an Existing Plan

Access Availability > Advanced in the side navigation menu to bring in all or part of the Internal and External Availability settings from another plan. Begin by reviewing the Import menu to determine what elements to bring in. All are checked by default:

  • Census Codes — (Codes that only exist in the current plan will not be affected.)
  • Factor Weights
  • Feeders — (Internal Availability)
  • Recruitment Areas
  • Underutilization Rules

Next, select a source plan from the provided drop-downs by Company, Establishment, and Plan.

(Legacy Census Codes only) If the source plan relies on older census codes, select a translation option:

  • Translate using the 2000 Occupations to 2010 Occupations Crosswalk.
  • Allow the system to automatically match your job titles to the new Occupation Codes.

(Legacy Recruitment Areas only) If you are bringing in Recruitment Areas, and the source plans relies on older areas, it is recommended you select the option to translate areas to the current definitions. Then, leave all region types checked:

  • US Summary
  • State
  • MSA
  • County Set

Finally, click the [Import] button.