BalanceAAP Software & Resources Overview

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  • Developing an AAP: Where to Start
  • Outline of BalanceAAP Modules
    • On-line Access to Plan Results
  • On-line AAP Resources
    • Informative Resources (AAP Checklist, Glossary, Federal Resources)
    • Guidance for Building the Data Set
    • Help for Preparing Multiple Plans
    • Information on Administrator Tools

Developing an AAP: Where to Start

BalanceAAP, a member of the balanceWORKS family, has been designed to help you complete (and disseminate) an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), from start to finish —

Begin plan development at: Plans > Create Plan.

Outline of BalanceAAP Modules

After the plan (or a set of plans) is created, task areas — as listed in the side navigation menu — will take you step-by-step through plan completion, including:

  • Determining plan Settings
  • Importing and validating Data
  • Developing Availability Statistics (and comparing the results to Employment)
  • Setting up an optional Reporting Structure
  • Selecting the History > Source to ascertain Affirmative Action progress over the prior year
  • Running metrics for IWD (Individuals with Disabilities) and Veterans
  • Customizing the Narratives
  • Compiling the AAP, and when ready, proceeding to Publish Plan
  • Completing the accompanying EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports

Please refer to the Table of Contents, linked in the page header above, for more information on each task area.

On-line Access to Plan Results

After developing the AAP, the culminating step for the plan preparer is to make results available for viewing by stakeholder audience(s), via two modules:

  • Share plan results with others (or participate as a member of the viewing audience) via Reports
  • Manage (and view) metrics for multiple locations, using the Dashboard

For more information, see: BalanceAAP Reports & Dashboard .

On-line AAP Resources

Quick Reminder: Berkshire Product Support representatives are available to assist you with technical issues during business hours by email, telephone, and on-line message.

Simply navigate to the page header, and click the Help > Support to send a message to Berkshire. If necessary, grant screen access (for a duration you determine) to the assisting representative by navigating to balanceWORKS and selecting Support Access from the side navigation menu.

Informative Resources (AAP Checklist, Glossary, Federal Resources)

Whether you are a new user, or a returning one, the following additional resources are available from the Table of Contents and below:

AAP Checklist

Glossary of AAP Terms

Federal Resources

Berkshire regularly updates provided resources to support software users with regulatory and technical requirements.

Guidance for Building the Data Set

An entire section provides "self-Help" for compiling the incoming data set, which is critical for producing AAPs with proper statistical results:

Understanding BalanceAAP Data Requirements

Help for Preparing Multiple Plans

Wherever particular instructions are needed for preparing multiple location plans (i.e., a group of sub plans under a Master Plan), Help Documentation includes additional content to support the plan preparer.

For more detailed information on the multiple-plan framework, visit the Help Library (linked in the page header above). Access the BalanceAAP User's Guide section: Understanding the Master/Sub-plan Structure.

Information on Administrator Tools

The software also includes System Tools for user management, security, and other global settings. These topics can be found on the Table of Contents, organized into a specific section for Administrators/plan owners.