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  • About Email Templates
  • Send an Email to Job Seekers
    • Select one or more Recipients
    • Choose an Email Template and/or Compose Message
      • Insert Tags (if Needed)
    • Preview and Send Email
  • Forward the Job Seeker's Details to Another User
  • Full List of Available "Send" Actions

Send Bulk Email to Communicate with Multiple Job Seekers

BalanceTRAK offers two ways to communicate with Job Seekers:

  • By individual Job Seeker, from the Job Seeker detail
  • From the Job Seeker list

Although an individual Job Seeker may also be contacted from the Job Seeker list, the bulk method facilitates contacting multiple Job Seekers on the same topic, all at once.

About Email Templates

Your organization's software Implementation comes with Email Templates you can use for typical interactions with Job Seekers (and colleagues) during the screening process. Stored in the system at Settings > Email Templates and managed by your client-side Administrator, these templates will be available for selection when composing an email.

Typical templates may include:

  • Application Reminder
  • Invite (Copied) Job Seeker to Apply
  • Not Qualified
  • Send Auto Acknowledgement
  • Send Self-Identification Form
  • Send Background Check Form

1. Select one or more Recipients

To send an email from the Job Seekers list, select the check box next to one or more Job Seekers; then choose Send Bulk Email from the slide-out Actions Menu.

Quick Tip: If a Job Seeker has applied to multiple Requisitions, make sure the box for the appropriate Requisition is checked.

The Send Email menu opens on the right, replacing the detail window. Within this window, the selected recipient(s) will display in the left column, with the composition area the right.

2. Choose an Email Template and Compose Message

Under Email Content, select one of the following:

  • Use your own text — (For users with permission to send customized emails only) Enter: Subject Line and Body. Format the Body, using the provided formatting toolbar.
  • Choose an Email Template — From the template drop-down, choose the appropriate option from those provided.

In the composition area, the "To" address will be pre-populated for you, based on the Job Seeker selections you have made. In addition, the Subject Line and Body are also pre-populated: Depending on your user permissions, the email message content may be editable or locked.

Quick Tip: When editing message content, be careful with tags (identified by brackets), as these placeholders pull in important personalized content or links.

(Optional) Below the Job Seeker address, enter one or more user email addresses in the BCC Field. If the blind-copied recipient is a balanceTRAK user, you can type in a few letters from the user name or beginning of the address to be prompted on the address.

Add any file Attachments to the message from your computer, using the [Browse] button.

Reminder: When sending a blank Form to Job Seekers, they will receive a link in the email message to the on-line Form.

Insert Tags (If needed)
If you are composing an email message that requires a link to a Form or you want to merge in data from a balanceTRAK Field, click the Insert Tags icon, located below the Body composition window.

From the Insert Tags column on the left, select the information to include. Finally, press the Close button and return to the composition view.

3. Preview and Send Email

After composing the message, select the [Preview ] button from the lower toolbar to verify the recipients and content. If the message is satisfactory, Close the preview, and select [Send]. Otherwise, edit the message, first.

Cross-reference for Administrators: For more information regarding how to set up an Email Template, see: Settings > Email Templates.

Forward the Job Seeker's Details to Another User

After selecting one or more Job Seekers, choose Forward Job Seeker from the Actions Menu. A Send Email window opens on the right, with options for recipients, content, and attachments. For this feature, rather than recipients being displayed in the left column, the included Job Seekers will show.

In the To field, enter one or more balanceTRAK Users, by typing in a few letters from the user name or beginning of the email address. Enter external addresses, if any, in the Additional Recipients field below. Make sure included addresses are separated by semicolons.

Continue creating the email message, as described above at: Compose Email Message.

Add Attachments — By default, the Job Seeker's RESUME is sent with the email message.

To add Forms and Documents from the system, make appropriate selections:

  • Other Forms
  • Additional Documents (stored in the system)

Finally, [Preview] and [Send] the email message.

Full List of Available "Send" Actions

  • Send an Email
  • Invite Job Seeker to Apply for a Requisition
  • Forward the Job Seeker's Details (to another user)
  • Send a Response Letter for the Position
  • Send a Self-ID (Identification) Form