Legacy BalanceWORKS Browser Support Policy

Effective January 1, 2012

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The following policy will be in effect as of July 1, 2012, but statistics will be posted quarterly beginning January 1, 2012. Berkshire applications subject to the browser support policy are balanceAAP, BALANCEhub, balanceTRAK, and balanceWORKS.

Levels of Browser Support

To define browser support, the following rules will be used:

  • Applications with over 10% of user traffic will have full browser support.
  • Applications with between 3% and 10% of user traffic will receive partial browser support.
  • Applications with less than 3% will have limited support.

Based on these rules, support will be based on the following levels:

Full Support
Full support indicates all major and minor functionality will work correctly for that browser/platform. All user interfaces will appear correctly with no formatting or display issues. Product Support will assist users with all issues related to this browser/platform.

Partial Support
Partial support indicates all major functionality will work correctly for that browser/platform but there may be some minor functionality, not critical to the overall use of the site, which does not work. Some screens may have minor appearance/placement/formatting issue, but does not impede the overall user experience. Product Support will not assist users with technical issues related to minor problems identified in this browser/platform.

Limited Support
Limited support indicates that the browser/platform may work with the site identified but will not be supported by Berkshire’s Product Support Team. The Product Support team may still answer general questions about the use of the product on this browser/platform, but will not provide assistance in resolving any technical issues identified while using the site in this browser/platform. Limited support also will apply to brand new browsers that have not been fully tested by Berkshire’s Product Support team.

Changes in support will occur after a browser has changed in usage for two consecutive quarters.

Statistics for these policies will be posted at the end of each quarter.

Note: If you use a browser that is currently not supported by an application, you will be notified of this at login.