BalanceTRAK > Report Settings (Optional)



  • Determine Report Settings
    • Choose Requisition Report to Customize
    • Choose Fields to Include


Customize Reports by Selecting Data Fields

Quick Reminder: When working with Reports > bTRAK Reports, two related tabs control reporting options in different ways — While Report Settings (described below) determine what fields to include as columns for the specific reports bulleted below, Filter settings (on the adjacent tab) narrow and sort all results by field values.

Because optional Report Settings may be beneficial to you, visit this tab and read the article below, prior to viewing or exporting TRAK Reports. By selecting Requisition fields (where applicable), and values within fields, you can globally tailor the reporting output to hone in on particular areas of interest.

Determine Report Settings

Choose Requisition Report to Customize

Using the upper drop-down, select the report:

  • Open Requisitions
  • Closed Requisitions
  • Applicant Detail
  • Requisition Detail

Choose Fields to Include

After the report is chosen (as described above), the available fields will display. Check off one or more appropriate fields, and click [Save]. Up to eight fields may be selected to appear as additional columns in reports.

Click [Save], which will apply the settings when the next report is viewed or exported via Select Reports.