BalanceTRAK > Report Settings (Optional)


  • Choose Requisition Report to Customize
  • Choose Fields to Include in Reports


  • Select Reports for Viewing or Export

Customize Reporting by Selecting Data Fields

Because optional Report Settings may be beneficial to you, visit this sub-tab and read the article below, prior to viewing or exporting a report. By selecting Requisition Fields (where applicable), and values within those Fields, you can globally tailor the reporting output to hone in on particular areas of interest.

Quick Tip: Report Settings apply to the four Reports listed in the bullets below.

Cross-reference: Reports > Filter settings can be applied to narrow and sort results by Field values.

Choose Requisition Report to Customize

Using the upper drop-down, select the report:

  • Open Requisitions
  • Closed Requisitions
  • Applicant Detail
  • Requisition Detail

Choose Fields to Include in Reports

After the report is chosen (as described above), the available Fields will display. Check off one or more, and click [Save]. Up to eight Fields may be selected to appear as additional columns in Reports.

Click [Save], which will apply the settings when the next report is viewed or exported via Reports.