Other Job Seeker Detail Tools


  • Track Job Seeker History
  • Record Job Seeker Notes
    • Add a New Note
    • Show Notes for All Requisitions
    • Mark as a Task / Mark as Completed on the Notes Tab
  • Export History or Notes to Excel

Work with the Job Seeker's History and Notes

From the Job Seeker detail, tabs for reviewing the History of the Job Seeker record and adding Notes are available.


BalanceTRAK automatically logs a History for each Job Seeker, recording activities such as the completion of a Form. In addition, the History records activities performed by software users while screening the applicant, such as email communications, data entry/deletion, and assignment of Job Seeker Stage or Disposition.

Record Job Seeker Notes

Add a comment to the Job Seeker detail, or remind yourself of a Task, via the Notes tab.

Notes are automatically labeled with the Date of entry and the author's Email (Address). Because Notes may serve as a reminder for necessary follow-up activity, the Note can be designated as a Task and a Due Date recorded.

Add a New Note

After selecting the Notes tab in the Job Seeker detail:

  1. Click the Add New Note icon, located at the top of the window.
  2. Enter text for the Note in the provided field.
  3. If desired, toggle the Task button to the active position. Then, insert a Due Date, using a two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year (or select one from the provided Calendar menu).
  4. Finally, click [Save]. Tasks will also display on the Home page Dashboard's To-Do widget.

If the draft Note should not be saved, click the [Discard] button.

After the Note is added, icons are available to [Edit] or [Delete] a record.

Mark as a Task / Mark as Completed on the Notes Tab

In Edit mode, the third icon to the left of the Note toggles the entry between Note and Task with a click of the mouse. Then, for a Task, the Due Date can be entered in two-digit month/two-digit year/four-digit year, and the entry saved. A Task is indicated with a checklist icon.

Also in Edit mode, the Task can be marked as complete, by clicking the provided Check mark icon.

Export History or Notes to Excel

Data can be directly exported from both History, and Notes. Simply click the Export to Excel icon, located in the upper toolbar. The corresponding data will appear in a new window, suitable for printing or saving.