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Forms Descriptions by Type


A PRESCREENER contains specific Questions that determine whether a candidate meets (or fails to meet) the minimum qualifications for a job opening.

BalanceTRAK may be set up during Implementation to assign a final Applicant Stage (and disposition) to Job Seekers who fail to meet those minimum requirements. If so, only those Job Seekers exceeding the minimum threshold can move on to completing an APPLICATION. Workflow options include implementing a PRESCREENER account-wide, allowing the use of a PRESCREENER by Requisition, or omitting one.


As another objective tool for screening applicants, an ASSESSMENT can be introduced to Job Seekers for completion.

In balanceTRAK, the scoring system is based on: PASS or FAIL. Options include implementing randomized Questions; assigning a time requirement for completion; and determining an expiration date for a valid PASS score.


An APPLICATION collects the majority of information used to determine a Job Seeker’s suitability for hiring, including employment history, education, and professional references.


SELF-ID forms allow the Job Seeker to voluntarily disclose race, gender, Veteran, and/or disability status.

Background Check

For those organizations that perform background checks, typically using third-party services, the BACKGROUND CHECK form collects information to meet the specific needs of the investigation. The form may also be used to collect an unique instance of the applicant's acknowledgement and/or signature.


The "Other" category can hold secondary Forms of other types (e.g., Supplemental APPLICATION) or a Job Seeker Form that falls outside the standard categories.


HR Forms are for completion by your organization's internal staff. A popular HR Form is the INTERVIEW Form, documenting both the Questions the interviewer should ask the Job Seeker and the Job Seeker's answers.

Understanding Form Workflow

For all workflows, the APPLICATION will be shown to the Job Seeker who is applying on line. However, if a PRESCREENER is in place (recommended), this Form will precede the APPLICATION. If an ASSESSMENT is also in place, the ASSESSMENT will follow the PRESCREENER, with both Forms shown to the Job Seeker prior to the APPLICATION.

Typically, the SELF-ID Form, if used, will follow the APPLICATION, but it may also be positioned first in the Form workflow.

Other Forms, such as the BACKGROUND CHECK, are typically sent by the balanceTRAK user to the Job Seeker at a later time.