Job Seekers List: Customize and Save Views

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  • Create a Custom View
    • Choose Requisition(s)
    • Select Save Options
    • Save the View for Future Use
    • Add Fields to View
    • Apply View Settings
  • Search Resumes to Create a Custom Job Seekers list
  • Other Customize View Tools
    • Delete a Field from the Optional Fields Table
    • Clear Search
    • Opening an Existing View
    • Remove an Existing View

Create and Save Custom Views

The Job Seekers > Customize View tab allows the user to create, save, and apply display options for the Job Seekers tab. Optional fields can be added or removed to adapt the display for specific needs.

Quick Definition — What is a Custom View?   A custom View is a filter or search, employed to narrow the Job Seekers list by one or more Job Seeker identifiers. This method is well-suited for complex or often-used searches and those involving Resume and Form content.

To begin, consider the types of data fields you want to work with. The following menus on the Customize View tab represent the types of data available:

  • Default Fields Included in View — Search Values on this table involve integral, "static" Job Seeker fields.
  • Optional Fields Included in View — This table, representing a myriad of further identifiers, will not be populated until these fields are defined, as described in step 4 below.
  • Resume Search — A custom Job Seekers list may be generated by performing a search on Resume content.

Create a Custom View

The custom View is created by completing the steps, outlined below.

  1. Choose Requisition(s)
    To begin, from the Requisition drop-down, just below the tab header, select whether to search and filter on:
      All (Requisitions)
      [Specific Requisition Number]
  2. Select Save Options
    From the Save Options menu, select the radio button for: New; and enter the: View Name.

    Quick Tip: If no views are saved, the system selects: New.

  3. Save the View for Future Use
    (Recommended) Check the box adjacent to the message: Save this view for later use. Once saved, the View will appear in the Existing drop-down for future selection.

    Quick Tip: A banner, listing Saved Views, will appear at the top of the Home page Dashboard.

  4. Add Fields to View
    For All Requisitions (or a selected Requisition), navigate to the Add Fields to View menu. Using the default Find menu (or sub-tab), type in a keyword, and click [Go]. From the Search results, which display below the menu, choose the [Field Name], and it will be included, as a bar, in the menu: Optional Fields Included in View.

    Quick Tip: Not all keyword Searches will produce results. To see what optional fields are available for your Implementation, click [Change Fields] on the Job Seekers list, and review the entries. ( Close the menu, without saving any changes.)

    The optional fields can be reordered for the Job Seekers tab by clicking and dragging one or more bars to create the desired order.

    (After selecting a specific Requisition in step 1 only) To hone in on a particular Form field, click on the Forms sub-tab, which will appear in the Addi Fields to View menu. Select one of the provided links for a [Field Name]. The corresponding Question will also display to aid in selecting the field.

  5. Apply View Settings
    When you are finished determining the View settings (as described above), select [Apply Search] to view the Job Seekers tab, based on the entered Customize View settings.

Search Resumes to Create a Custom Job Seekers List

Navigate to the Resume Search menu, and enter one or more terms to be found in Resume content. Then click [Apply Search].

Example: To review applicants who listed prior supervisor-level sales experience on their Resumes, enter “sales and supervisor”.

Other Customize View Tools

Delete a Field from the Optional Fields Table

To delete a field, added according to step 4 above, click the [Delete] button to the right of the entry. Continue with the appropriate steps to save, build, and apply this change to the View, as described above.

Clear Search

Choose the [Clear Search] button from the center of the Customized View tab or at the top of the Job Seekers tab.

Open an Existing View

Return to the Customize View tab / Save Options menu. Select: Existing. Then select a View Name from the drop-down.

Note: If there are no Existing Views, the option is grayed out.

Click [Apply Search].

Remove an Existing View

Select a: View Name from the Existing (View) drop-down. Click on the adjacent [Remove this View] button. When the confirmation message appears, click [OK].