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  • Select an Alias to Edit/Preview a Job Posting page
  • Work with Job Posting and Global Job Description Elements
  • A. Theme, Style, and Content

    B. Preview and Save the Page

  • Restore Default Settings

Customize one or More Job Posting Pages

During software Implementation, Berkshire will have developed the initial content and appearance of your organization's Job Posting page(s) and set up the associated Alias(es). In some cases, external and internal pages are developed; in other cases, Job Posting pages may be developed by divisions or geographic units.

The client-side Administrator can manage basic formatting and content for these Job Posting page(s). If a customized Job Posting page is needed, please contact Berkshire's Product Support.

Select an Alias to Edit/Preview a Job Posting page

Access Settings > Job Posting Page to view the Select Alias menu for your organization, displaying a record for each existing Job Posting page, listed by Alias. Any Alias currently configured with default settings will have the tagline: Default Settings.

Select the Alias name from the list to edit (and preview) the associated Job Posting page. The full editing screen is comprised of a left column, containing editing tools, while the right window will contain the Live Preview.

Work with Job Posting and Global Job Description Elements

A. Theme, Style, and Content

In the left column, the Job Posting page's graphics, format, and "introductory" content can be addressed:

  1. Review the current Theme Color. Use the color picker, or enter an HTML code, to change the color area, surrounding the Job Posting table.
  2. If the logo displayed on the Job Posting page requires updating, move on to the Logo setting. Before uploading, make sure the image is properly formatted as JPEG, PNG, or BMP, having a maximum size of 5 megabytes. (A landscape-oriented logo, measuring between 300-to-400 pixels in width and having of a 3-to-3.5x width-to-height ratio, works well.) First, [Remove] the current logo; then, click the [Browse] button and bring in the new one.
  3. The Date Posted information can be displayed with the job listings or hidden. Retain the default option to: Show, or toggle the drop-down to: Hide.
  4. From the provided drop-down, select a Job Posting Style, either: Grid OR Block (includes Short Job Description teaser).
  5. The next two editing windows contain content for the introductory paragraph(s) and the EEO/Pay Transparency Statement, respectively. Use the text editing tools and content windows to update content and its appearance, as needed. Current tags are as followed: [EEO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS] and [PAY TRANSPARENCY STATEMENT].
  6. Review the existing Job Posting table filters (to be made available to page viewers for honing in on key information). Make changes to one or more of the three provided drop-downs. (Filters may be left unassigned.)

The lower part of the menu column addresses the Job Description pages:

  1. If desired, include or update a Social Share Image to accompany listings pushed there.
  2. Next, change settings to include or remove an icon link to Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter, as desired.
  3. If desired, include or update the link to a Video URL for display by default. (Accepted file types are Facebook Video, Vimeo, YouTube, FLV, MP4, and WEBM.)^
  4. To push all job listings to Google Jobs, toggle the displayed switch on.

^ Cross-reference: To include a separate video in the Job Description by Job Code, see: Special Settings by Reference Table / Job Code.

B. Preview and Save the Page

The final step is to carefully review the Live Preview window.

Quick Tip: The Live Preview will update as changes are made.

When the settings are satisfactory, click [Save], before selecting the [Back] button to return to the Alias list.

Restore Default Settings

The Alias list will include a column to the right of the Alias name, containing a button for restoring system defaults. When settings for Job Posting page have been customized, the [Use System Defaults] button will display. Click this button to return the Job Posting page to its initial settings.