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  • Where Job Seeker Scores will Display
  • Add Scoring Scheme
    • Across Requisitions, using Administrative Settings
    • Within a Requisition, using a Quick Link
  • Question-and-Answer Point Values
    • View Additional Questions and Complete the Scheme
    • Add Multiple Scoring Schemes to a Form Template
  • Edit an Existing Scheme for a Form Template

Manage Scoring Schemes for Form Templates

Using Settings > Form Templates, the Administrator may create a Scoring Scheme for a PRESCREENER or APPLICATION Form Template. By associating the scheme with a Form Template, it will be available for selection across Requisitions.

A Scoring Scheme is first added to the system, then the scheme is developed, as described below. This will allow each Job Seeker to receive a an APPLICATION (or PRESCREENER) Score, which can then be compared to the Scores of other applicants who have applied for the job opening.

Where Job Seeker Scores will Display

balanceTRAK will calculate the Job Seeker’s overall score, compare it to the highest possible score, and display the result as a percentage. The. Scores will display for Job Seekers on the following pages:

Add a Scoring Scheme

— Across Requisitions, using Administrative Settings

From the Form Template list, click the [Add scoring scheme] icon next to a Form Template Name. On the Manage Scoring Scheme page, click the [Add] button, and enter a: Name. Then click [Save].

The Scoring Scheme will be available for selection when a Form of that Template Type is added to a new Requisition.

— Within a Requisition, using a Quick Link

For the user with appropriate permissions, a quick link to creating or editing a Scoring Scheme is also available within the Review Requisition detail / Forms menu, using the following icons:

  • [Add Scoring Scheme]
  • % [Edit Scoring Scheme]

However, when a Scoring Scheme is created or edited within a Requisition, it only applies to that Requisition.

Question-and-Answer Point Values

Values can be assigned to each Question to reflect its relative importance to other Questions. Then, for each Question, a sliding scale of scoring values can also be assigned for the following answer types:
  • Checkboxes
  • Options (Radio buttons)
  • Table driven
  • Yes/No

On the Edit Scoring Scheme page, the first Form Section will be expanded, displaying the Questions/answer choices, entered when the Section was created. Enter the point value for each Question, by clicking on the field adjacent to the Question. Then proceed to entering relative point values for each Question's possible answers.

Example: The Question “How many years of experience do you have?” has five answer Options, reflecting a range of experience, from most to fewest years.

First, the Question is given a value of 20 to reflect its importance among other Questions. Then, the response for most years of experience is given a value of 20. Then, a scale of decreasing values are assigned to the years of experience, until "0" is assigned to the least amount of experience.

As you add a value to each Question within a Section, the total will be appear in the right-hand corner of the Section header. Review the Section totals to ensure their relative importance is also reflected in the scheme.

Notes: The point value of an answer choice should not exceed the point value assigned to the Question. Answer boxes with a value exceeding the overall points assigned to the Question will be highlighted in red.

Quick Tip: If there are no answers listed, you can add answers by clicking the [Add Answer] button below the Question.

View Additional Questions and Complete the Scheme

Click on the Section header, (e.g., Employment, Education) to display all Questions to be scored for that Section.

As you work in the Sections, the Overall Score will appear on the upper-right corner, in the menu header. Because a Job Seeker's Score is shown as percentage of the best Score, this number can be any number your organization chooses.

Add Multiple Schemes to a Form Template

For a Form Template with an existing Scoring Scheme, click the % [Edit Scoring Scheme] icon. Then click the [Add] button. Enter a: Name, and click [Save], which will add the scheme to the Scoring Scheme list for the Form. Then develop the scheme (as described above).

The balanceTRAK user can choose one of the Scoring Schemes when creating a new Requisition.

Edit an Existing Scheme for a Form Template

Select Administrative Settings > Form Templates from the side navigation menu. Locate the APPLICATION or PRESCREENER template, and click on the corresponding % [Edit scoring scheme] icon. On the Manage Scoring Schemes list, enter the scheme's detail page. Review the values entered by Form Section, and make changes, as necessary. Then, click [Save] to apply the changes, which will only apply to new Requisitions.