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  • Define an Approval Process
  • Approval Process List Tools
    • Change the Approval Process Name
    • Edit an Approval Process
    • Delete an Approval Process
    • Display (Unhide) Inactive Approval Processes
    • Make an Active Approval Process Active or Inactive

Administrative Tools for the Approval Process List

As a foundation for facilitating formal approvals of Requisitions before a job opening is posted, one or more Approval Process Templates will have been defined, during software Implementation, and stored at: Settings > Approval Processes. Subsequently, the Administrator may edit current templates, add custom templates to the system, and activate/deactivate existing Approval Processes.

Note: If you have questions about Settings, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

On the Approval Process list, entries will be designated with a check mark, if applicable, indicating:

  • In Use (Associated with a prior or current Requisition or Job Seeker)
  • Active (Available for use)

Approval Process List Tools

Change the Approval Process Name

From the Processes list, click on the Name entry; then: Enter a new name; and click [Save].

Edit an Approval Process

Click the Edit icon for an Approval Process. The Approval Process detail opens, labeled in the tab header with the process: Name. After making the necessary changes, click [Save].

Important Note: An Approval Process that is In Use cannot be edited for existing steps or groups, but the process may be edited to add locations/departments/divisions (depending on language used) and approvers.

Delete an Approval Process

Select the check box next to a Name on the Processes list, and click the [Delete Selected] button.

Note: While In Use, an Approval Process cannot be deleted.

Display (Unhide) Inactive Approval Processes

By default, the Processes list contains only active Approval Processes. To display all processes and a column indicating inactive or active status, check the box next to the upper-right tagline: Display Inactive Approval Processes.

Make an Active Approval Process Active or Inactive

A Check mark in the Active column indicates that users may employ the associated Approval Process.

To toggle an Approval Process between active and inactive system status, click on the Check mark. If the process is designated as inactive, the Check mark will be grayed out; and the process will not be displayed to users.