BalanceTRAK > Administrative Tools for Approval Processes

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  • Change the Approval Process Name
  • Edit an Approval Process
  • Delete an Approval Process
  • Display (Unhide) Inactive Approval Processes
  • Make an Active Approval Process Active or Inactive

Approval Process Tools

The following tools are employed to manage Settings > Approval Processes. As applicable, an Approval Process will be designated (with a check mark):

  • In Use (associated with a prior or current Requisition or Job Seeker)
  • Active (available for use)

Change the Approval Process Name

From the Processes list, click on the Name entry; then: Enter a new name; and click [Save].

Edit an Approval Process

Click the [Edit] icon for an Approval Process. The Approval Process detail opens, labeled in the tab header with the process: Name. After making the necessary changes, click [Save].

Important Note: An Approval Process that is In Use cannot be edited for existing steps or groups, but the process may be edited to add locations/departments/divisions (depending on language used) and approvers.

Delete an Approval Process

Select the check box next to a Name on the Processes list, and click the [Delete Selected] button.

Note: While In Use, an Approval Process cannot be deleted.

Display (Unhide) Inactive Approval Processes

By default, the Processes list contains only active Approval Processes. To display all processes and a column indicating inactive or active status, check the box next to the upper-right tagline: Display Inactive Approval Processes.

Make an Active Approval Process Active or Inactive

A [Check mark] in the Active column indicates that users may employ the associated Approval Process.

To toggle an Approval Process between active and inactive system status, click on the [Check mark]. If the process is designated as inactive, the check mark will be grayed out; and the process will not be displayed to users.