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  • Introduction to the Requisition Detail Layout
  • Complete List of Available Working Areas (with Help Links)

Work with Basic Information and Tools in the Requisition Detail

Upon entry to Requisitions, the Requisition list, consisting of your organization's Job Postings, will appear in the left column. When a Requisition on this list is highlighted, the corresponding detail will display in the right-hand window. Here, you will find Summary and other tabs, displaying information and settings you determined during Add New Requisition. However, the detail view offers opportunities to:

  • View current entries and edit Requisition content or settings
  • Track the job posting and Job Seeker activity
  • Perform additional recordkeeping
  • Handle logistics and communicate with colleagues
  • Export specific data to Excel
  • AND more

Important Note: Access to view and edit Requisitions will be based on system permissions, by tab, as associated with your organization's software Implementation.

Introduction to the Requisition Detail Layout

At the top of the detail window, the detail header is comprised of:

  1. The title bar, labeling the Requisition by Requisition number, Job Title, and status Category
  2. A Job Posting toolbar, with one-click icons for critical settings
  3. AND

  4. A series of tabs, providing access to Requisition work areas (e.g., Job Description, Approvals)

About the Tab-based Working Areas

Below the detail header is each tab's working area, topped by a secondary toolbar, containing icon-based tools specific to each task area's data, settings, or views.

Cross-reference: Help links for all Requisition tabs can be found here: Requisition Detail Tabs.

Complete List of Available Requisition Working Areas

A full Requisition record is comprised of the following tabs. Please follow the Help links for more information:

  1. Summary
  2. Fields
  3. Forms
  4. Job Description
  5. Posting Dates
  6. Workflow
  7. Sources
  8. Keywords
  9. Approvals
  10. Calendar
  11. Notes
  12. History

When a tab's settings carry over from Add New Requisition wizard, the above links will take you to the appropriate Requisition-building article.