Requisition Information Menu, Toolbar, and Status



  • Overview of the Requisition Information Toolbar
    • Edit Information
    • Send Email to Colleagues
    • Copy Requisition
  • Assign Requisition Status
    • Post the Job Listing to the Company Career Page
  • View the Job Seekers List, Filtered by the Requisition


Work with the Requisition Information Menu

Once the Requisition has been added to the Requisitions list, click the corresponding [Review] icon to enter the Review Requisition detail. Here, you will find the top menu is comprised of key Requisition Information, including:

  • Information, entered when the Requisitions was added
  • Header toolbar icons, offering quick links to key actions

Overview of the Requisition Information Toolbar

Edit Information

The Edit Requisition Information menu will display. Update the entries, as necessary, and click [Save] if changes are made.

Send Email to Colleagues

The Send Mail menu opens. Compose an email; select recipients (from a menu of balanceTRAK users); and [Preview and Send] the message.

Copy Requisition

Options will display to copy some (or all) aspects of an existing Requisition when creating a new one.

From the current Requisition, you may copy:

  • [Business unit] Code
  • Job Code
  • (Requisition) Status

The menus will also display other options that are available in the system or from other Requisitions. Make a new selection, as needed, to build the new Requisition, appropriately.

Then select whether to also copy the Job Seekers, and their statuses, to the new Requisition. Finally, click [Copy].

Assign (or Update) Requisition Status

If Requisition Status has been made available for revision, the current Status entry will appear as a link. When the current [Status entry] is selected, a menu of other Status options will appear. Assign a different Status, and click [Save] to apply the change. Because the Status entry will trigger certain tools to become available within the system, ensure that it is set accurately to your applicant workflow.

Quick Tip: For cumulative totals of Requisitions by Status, view the Requisitions graph and accompanying table on the Home page Dashboard.

HELP Cross-reference: The System Administrator may prevent a Requisition from being Closed until all Job Seekers who applied are assigned a final Disposition code. If you are an Administrator, find more information under Settings and Statuses here: System Tools > Client Settings / Requisitions.

Post the Job Listing to the Company Career Page

By default, a Job Posting page goes live when the Status of Accepting Applications is displayed, and the Requisition has at least one Form assigned.

Important Caution: If a Requisition has not been approved in the system, and the user attempts to change the Status to one indicating approval, a warning message will appear. Click [OK] to verify the change, or [Cancel] it.

View the Job Seekers List, Filtered by the Requisition

Click the [Numerical entry] under: # of Job Seekers. The Job Seekers list will be limited to those who applied to the Requisition.