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  • About Developing Approval Process Templates
    • Before you Begin: Organizing Participants and Steps
  • Develop an Approval Process Template
    • Choose Location Code(s) and Enter a Process Name
    • Design a Simple or Advanced Approval Process
  • How Approval Process Notifications are Prompted


Design Approval Processes and Manage the Template Library

BalanceTRAK's Settings allow an Administrator to define, manage, and store Approval Process Templates for:

  • The opening of job Requisitions
  • The hiring of Job Seekers

After an Approval Process for a Requisition (or a Job Seeker) is initiated, one or more selected Approvers (with user credentials) will receive both an email and a Dashboard notification. The email message will contain links that facilitate the review — and approval or disapproval by means of express or standard methods — of the Requisition (or Job Seeker).

Note: If you have questions about system Settings, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

About Developing Approval Process Templates

While some organizations develop and implement simple Approval Processes, typically by Requisition, others may build more complex processes, relying on the system's Advanced Designer. Regardless of client size or number of locations, Approval Process Templates can be designed at the Administrative level and stored in the system's library so that other users can collaborate with each other to obtain approvals in a guided and consistent manner.

Before you Begin: Organizing Participants and Steps

By employing a simple drag-and-drop procedure, the balanceTRAK Administrator can design an Approval Process that includes:

  • One Approver or multiple individual Approvers
  • AND

  • Any number of Approver Groups (Requiring one or all in the Group to approve)
  • OR

  • Steps, comprised of one or more Approvers and/or Approver Groups (Ideal for Approvals across departments)

For Organizations with Multiple Locations (and/or Departments) — By considering Location Codes, Approval Processes can be precisely tailored to the decision-making processes of your organization's business or functional units.

Quick Tip: Location Codes represent your organization's hierarchy, from one-to-four levels.

Desvelop an Approval Process Template

The outline below describes how to define an Approval Process Template, from naming the Approval Process — and choosing a simple or Advanced Designer method — to saving the process as a template.

Choose Location Code(s) and Enter a Process Name

For both the simple and advanced Approval Process:

  1. From the Approvals screen, select the [Add New Approval Process Template] button, located above the Approval Process Template list.
  2. Check off the applicable Location Code(s), associated with the participating parties.

    Quick Tip: For a complex process, click: All. Conversely, clear multiple current selections by clicking: None.

  3. In the provided field, enter a: Process Name.

    Quick Tip: Take into consideration whether a Requisition or a Job Seeker is being approved and how other users would identify it.

Proceed to creating a simple process or accessing the Advanced Designer, as described next.

Design a Simple or Advanced Approval Process

A. Use the Advanced Designer (Optional)

  1. The advanced Approval Process will be organized by Step, and then built by user name and/or Group (as described below). First, toggle the Advanced Designer switch, located above the Approvers list, to: On.
  2. Click the Add Step icon to generate a drop box within the right-hand working area.
  3. In the New step box, enter a Step name or number.

Although the working area will be a defined Step, continue with the steps below.

B. Create an Approval Group (and Add Users) —

  1. Start by clicking the Add Group icon to display a working area in the right column. Enter a title for the Approval Group in the provided field.

  2. Review the Approvers list in the left column, comprised of balanceTRAK users. Then, drag and drop each user you want to include into the work area.
  3. Return to the Group title bar an select the radio button for:

    Require One


    Require All

Repeat as necessary to create one or more other Groups.

C. Add the Individual User(s) —

Simply drag and drop each user from the Approvers column to the right-hand drop area.

D. Place the Approvers and Groups in Order —

Once the individual and Group Approvers are in place, reorder the list by dragging and drop a corresponding pane to another location in the list.

E. Review and Save the Approval Process —

Next the Process Name, choose the [Save Changes] button.

How Approval Process Notifications are Prompted

For many organizations, email notifications from balanceTRAK help ensure proper authorizations are obtained before a Requisition is posted on line to advertise a job (or a Job Seekers is hired). At the same time, inboxes can get overflowed with messages. Therefore, the balanceTRAK relies carefully on a specific framework for determining when an outgoing email will be triggered and who will receive it, as shown in the table below.

Notification Event

  A Message is Sent to the:

A balanceTRAK user
initiates an approval request

  • Identified approver (In a multi-person process, this only occurs during the specific approver’s turn.)

When a process
times out

  • Approval request initiator

When an approver
is skipped

  • Skipped approver

When someone else

  • As applicable, members of the same approval group

When an approver

  • Approval request initiator

When a requisition is
opened without
being approved
  • Requisition creator, when another user opens the Requisition before approvals are initiated or completed

When a job seeker is
hired without
being approved
  • Users with permission to see the Job Seeker, when the “Hired” Disposition code is assigned before approvals are initiated or completed

When a final approval
is completed
  • Approval request initiator

When an approver cancels
the process

  • Approval request initiator

When a reminder is sent
for an overdue response
  • The overdue approver

When a process has
been restarted

  • Approval request initiator

At each process step
  • Approval request initiator