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  • About Approval Processes
  • Develop a Simple Approval Process "on the Fly"
    • Click [Submit for Approval] in a Requisition
    • Click [Submit for Approval] for a Job Seeker
  • Define an Approval Process in Advance
    • About Managing Approval Steps and Groups
    • Add the Approval Process to the System
    • Develop the Approval Process
  • Administrative Tools for Approval Processes

Define and Manage Approval Processes (for Requisitions and Job Seekers)

About Approval Processes

BalanceTRAK > Settings allow an Administrator to define, manage, and store Approval Processes for:

  • The opening of job Requisitions
  • The hiring of Job Seekers

Once one or more Approval Processes are saved in the system, other balanceTRAK users can initiate and obtain approvals in a consistent manner.

When a Requisition or Job Seeker is submitted for approval, one or more selected approvers (from a list of available users) will receive an email notification. The message will contain tools to review and approve or disapprove the Requisition or Job Seeker, respectively.

Note: If you have questions about Settings, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

Develop a Simple Approval Process "on the Fly"

The user (with appropriate system permissions) may develop a simple Approval Process while working in a Requisition.

Click [Submit for Approval] in a Requisition

Once the Requisition has been stored in Requisitions, begin from the Review Requisition detail. A Pending (or similar client-specific) Status on the Requisition Information menu will trigger an Approval banner to display, towards the bottom of the detail page. Click the [Submit for Approval] button.

Then, follow the instructions at: Submit a Requisition for Approval: Develop a Simple Process "on the Fly".

Click [Submit for Approval] for a Job Seeker

First, the Requisition Status must indicate the candidate is undergoing: Hiring Manager Review (or similar client-specific Status). Scroll down to the Job Seekers table and locate the selected Job Seeker. Enter the Review Job Seeker detail. Then, on the Jobs Applied to menu, locate the Requisition, and click [Submit for Approval].

For more on submitting a Job Seeker for approval, see: Submit a Job Seeker for Hiring Approval.

Define an Approval Process in Advance

About Managing Approval Steps and Groups

An Approval Process can be comprised of multiple steps, so that each step must be approved in sequence. Once a user in the final designated step submits an approval, the Requisition is approved.

Notes: All Approval Group users for Step 1 must approve the Requisition before the email request will be sent to the Approval Group users for Step 2. If an Approval Step has multiple Approval Groups, one user from each group must approve the Requisition or Job Seeker before the step is completed. Groups within steps, do not have to provide approvals in order.

Add the Approval Process to the System

Choose the [Add] button from the Processes tab header to open the Add Approval Process Menu. Enter an: Approval Description, and click [Save]. The system will then advance to the Manage Approval Process screen, and add the Approval Process to the Processes list.

Quick Tip: Make sure the Approval Description/Name reflects whether the process will be used to approve a Requisition and/or a Job Seeker.

Develop the Approval Process

  1. Select User Access Codes — A menu, containing organizational units, will display. The units vary, depending on how the system's User Access Codes are configured (e.g., Location, Department, Division).

    Select the appropriate unit(s), or click: All.

  2. Develop Approval Steps — Under Approval Steps, the first column on the left, click [Step 1 box] to enter a title for the first step; then choose the Save link. To create multiple steps, select [ Add Step] from the Approval Steps header bar. Enter a title for each step in the same manner as for Step 1.

    Order the steps by clicking the [Up and Down Arrows] until the order is desired.

    Click the [Delete] icon to remove a step.

  3. Create an Approval Group (and Add Users) — By default, an Approval Step has one group of approvers. Start by clicking twice in the [Group 1 bar] to enter and save a name for the first group. Add additional groups to the step by clicking [ Add Group]. Groups are added by sequential group numbers. Enter a title for each Approval Group in the same manner as for Group 1.

    Add one or more users to a group by selecting one or more users from the Approvers list on the far right.

  4. Review and Save the Approval Process — Select [ View Steps] from the Approvers header bar to preview the Approval Process.

    [Close] the preview, make any necessary edits; and when finished, click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page.