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  • Filter Options for the Client Usage Report
  • Export System Report

Run Administrative Reports on System Activities

For the user with Administrative-level permissions, access to balanceTRAK system reporting is available at: > Client Usage Report.

Filter Options for the Client Usage Report

Reports can be displayed by:

  • HTML
  • PDF

A report can be run for:

  • Requisition Count — By Job Title/Requisition Number, Posting Date, # of Job Seekers, Total # of Requisitions
  • Job Seeker Count — By Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Application Date, Total # of Job Seekers
  • User Count — By User, Last Login Date, # of Logins, Total # of Users

Under Report Settings, a filter can be set to limit a report by Posting Start Date and Posting End Date (two-digit month, two-digit date, four-digit year, separated by slashes).

The report filter can also be based on:

  • [Business unit]

Export System Reports

An [Export] button is available to use the report data, in PDF, outside of balanceTRAK.