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Email Settings for BalanceTRAK Communication

Note: The functions described below are for users with Administrative-level permissions; these settings may not display or be editable in your organization's software Implementation. If you have questions regarding the functions available to you, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

Accessed from the page header through under System Tools, Email Settings control how email messages are sent from your organization's balanceTRAK users to:

  • Job Seekers
  • Other balanceTRAK colleagues
  • AND

  • External recipients, as applicable

Email messages sent from the system are logged in the corresponding Requisition detail, on the History tab. Job Seekers and external recipients may respond to the email messages they receive, and the balanceTRAK user can review the responses in the Notification Center, accessible from the page header.

Delivery Options

A client-specific email address will appear in the text box, associated with the tagline: Emails Generated by balanceTRAK will be sent from the following Email Address. This entry serves as the system's email address.

How "Sent From" Appears to Recipients

Notification emails for such activities as Approval Processes are sent from a system mailbox: “”.

An email will display as "sent from" the user’s email address (entered at log in) for the following message types:

  • Transmitting a Job Seeker's information to others
  • Sending an email to a Job Seeker (e.g., Response Letter, SELF-ID Form)

For users with Outlook, the default setting is to send user-initiated messages from the system and the sender. The box will be checked next to the tagline: Deliver Email on Behalf of the Sender. Recipients will be able to reply to the sender.

Example: “From: on behalf of”.

A check box option is also available to: Use the above [system] email address when manually sending emails. When this setting is in place, will the sender's email address will not display to the recipient.

Maximum Email Size

A numerical number will display, in megabytes. The default entry is: 20.

Automatic Email Options

Automatically Send Email Acknowledgements

BalanceTRAK users may be permitted to send an acknowledgement email to a Job Seeker on submission of a PRESCREENER or APPLICATION form. If this option has been implemented, the box will be checked for: Automatically Send Acknowledgement Letter. An Email Template will have also been selected.

Response Triggers and Delay Periods

By checking the box for one or more of the following settings, the system will:

  • Automatically send a response email when an applicant status is automatically assigned during the Prescreener Form.
  • Automatically send a response email when an applicant status is manually assigned by a user.
  • Send automatic response emails after the following time period. (An Email Delay period can range from 1 to 72 hours.)

Job Seekers (Options)

Allow Users to Send Job Seeker Information

The box may be checked to: Allow sending job seekers and their resumes to others.

The balanceTRAK user can then send a Job Seeker's information to internal and/or external email addressees.

Send Form to Users who "Opt in" to Notifications

One more boxes may be checked so that users receive completed applicant Forms, if they have elected to receive Notifications:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Prescreener
  • Application