Other Review Requisition Detail Tools

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  • Stay Current, with Calendar Events
    • Add an Event
  • Export a Job Description
  • Add a Document to a Requisition
  • Track History/Notes
    • Add a Note
    • View the History/Notes in Print Format

Use More Tools to Develop Requisition Content

In support of building the Review Requisition detail, balanceTRAK offers the additional tools, outlined next.

Stay Current, with Calendar Events

The Calendar object displays any existing Event dates (in red), along with a list of corresponding Event descriptions. To the right of each Event are three icons, offering quick links to:

  • [Edit] (Event)
  • [Remove] (Event)
  • Send a [Reminder] to Outlook

Notes: An Event is limited to one Date. Typical Events may include a status meeting, the last day of work for the outgoing incumbent, or the scheduled day(s) for interviews. A Closed Requisition will not display Events to the Calendar.

Add an Event

Click the [Plus sign] on the right side of the menu header. In the Add Event menu, enter:

  • Description
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time

Then, from a pre-populated menu of system users, use check boxes to: Select the People to Include for this Event. By default, the user creating the Event is checked. Using a checkbox, determine whether to: Send participants a notification e-mail. When the entries are complete, select [Save].

In addition to displaying within the Requisition, the event will display on the Dashboard / Calendar , identified by Requisition Number, for all users included in the event.

Export a Job Description

The Job Description can be exported for use outside of balanceTRAK. From the Job Description /footer, select File Type from the provided drop-down, either:

  • HTML
  • OR

  • Word

Then, click [Export]. [Open] or [Save] the file from a new window.

Add a Document to a Requisition

First, [Add] a Requisition, or click the [Edit] icon for an existing one to open the Review Requisition detail. Navigate to the Documents menu.

Click on the [Plus Sign], located on the right of the Documents menu header. The Upload Documents menu appears. Provide a Description; then Select a File, using the [Browse] function. Click [Upload] to add the file to the Documents list by: File Name and Description.

Track History/Notes

The History/Notes table records the actions and comments associated with the Requisition. Each History/Notes record lists:

  • Date
  • Email (of user associated with the action)
  • Description

In preserving the Requisition's History, balanceTRAK automatically records — and time stamps — key activities, such as data entry/deletion, completion of required activities, approvals, and status. System Notes cannot be deleted.

Add a Note

Click on the [Plus sign] on the right of the menu header to open the Add Note menu. Enter a Note. Then, click [Save].

Quick Tip: To view the most current History/Notes immediately after an action is performed, click the browser’s [Refresh] button.

Once the Note is added, icons become available to [Edit] and [Delete] the record in the future.

View the History/Notes in Print Format

Click the [Display] icon, also located in the menu header. The History/Notes appear in a new window, suitable for printing or saving.