Other Requisition Detail Tools


  • Stay Current, with the Requisition Calendar
    • Navigate and View the Calendar
    • Add an Event
    • Show Events for All Requisitions
  • Track Requisition History
  • Record Notes (and Tasks) in the Requisition
    • Add a Note
    • Mark as a Task / Mark as Completed on the Notes Tab
  • Use Requisition Detail Header Tools / Export to Excel (History, Notes)
  • Manage Security (Administrators only)

Employ More Tools to Enhance Requisition Content

In support of a comprehensive Requisition workflow, balanceTRAK offers additional tools to schedule Events on a Calendar, store Documents, jot down Notes, and View Requisition History. These tools are outlined below.

Stay Current, with the Requisition Calendar

The Requisition detail > Calendar tab displays any an Outlook-compatible Calendar to help you keep track of Requisition-related Events, such as an associated job fair, a team meeting, or a due date.

Navigate and View the Calendar

An upper toolbar contains buttons for navigating and viewing the Calendar.

With buttons on the right side of the toolbar, the Calendar can be organized by the following views:

  • List (Weekly view of Events, if any are scheduled)
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

First on the left, the [Go to Today] button will return the Calendar, if necessary, to the current day. At the toolbar's center are scrolling arrows to move back and forth between days, weeks, or months, based on the view setting (above).

Add an Event

While displaying the Calendar tab, click the Add Event icon, located on the left side, below the menu header. An editing menu will open to the left of the Calendar. In this menu:

  1. Select date/time on the provided Calendar menus to indicate Start and End Dates and times.
  2. Enter a Description to display as the Event title.
  3. Search for and select Recipients.

Then, from a pre-populated menu of system users, use check boxes to: Select the People to Include for this Event. By default, the user creating the Event is checked. Using a checkbox, determine whether to: Send participants a notification e-mail. When the entries are complete, select [Save].

Show Events for All Requisitions

The Calendar can be switched from displaying the Requisition's Events to show Events for all Requisitions: Simply toggle the Show All button, located above the Calendar, to the active position.

Track Requisition History

The History tab records the system activities associated with the Requisition. Each History record lists:

  • Date
  • Email (of user associated with the action)
  • Description

In preserving the Requisition's History, balanceTRAK automatically records — and time stamps — key activities, such as data entry/deletion, completion of required activities, approvals, and status. System Notes cannot be deleted.

Record Notes (and Tasks) in the Requisition

Add a Note to the Requisition

As the job opening is posted, Job Seekers apply, and decisions are made, Notes can be added to the Requisition. In table format, Notes are automatically labeled with the Date of entry and the author's Email (Address). Because Notes may serve as a reminder for necessary follow-up activity, the Note can be designated as a Task and a Due Date recorded.

After selecting the Notes tab from the Requisition detail header:

  1. Click the Add New icon, located at the top of the window.
  2. Enter text for the Note in the provided field.
  3. If desired, toggle the Task button to the active position. Then, insert a Due Date, using a two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year (or selected from a Calendar menu).
  4. Finally, click [Save]. Tasks will also display on the Home page Dashboard's To-Do list.

To return to the Notes tab without recording the Note, select the [Discard] button.

To the left of each record on the Notes table, icons are available to Edit or Delete a record.

Mark as a Task / Mark as Completed on the Notes Tab

In Edit mode, the third icon to the left of the Note toggles the entry between Note and Task with a click of the mouse. Then, for a Task, the Due Date can be entered in two-digit month/two-digit year/four-digit year, and the entry saved. A Task is indicated with a checklist icon.

Also in Edit mode, the Task can be marked as complete, by clicking the provided Check mark icon.

Quick Reminder: Data can be directly exported from History and Notes. Simply click the Export to Excel icon, located in the tab's upper toolbar.

Manage Security (Administrators only)

For the Administrative-level user with appropriate permissions, a Security tab will display in the Requisition detail. This final tab will support viewing and controlling user access to the specific Requisition.

Deselect, or select, the user entry to update these permissions. Click the [Save] button to apply.