Review the Requisition Summary and Fields

RETURN TO: Navigate the Requisition Detail


  • View the Requisition Summary
    • Survey Job Seekers by Stage
      • View Job Seekers who Applied
    • Access the on-line Job Posting
  • Perform Requisition Actions
    • Change Requisition Category between Open and Closed
      • Reopen a Requisition
    • Copy a Requisition
    • Delete a Requisition (Administrators only)
    • Send a Requisition to Others
  • Update Fields


Work with the Requisition's First Two Tabs

The starting point for each Requisition begins is the Summary tab, which provides unique features for working with a Requisition after it has been saved to the system.

Although Fields were determined during the Add New Requisition process, this second tab is also discussed at the end of this article.

View the Requisition Summary

Interactions with the Summary tab include:

  • Viewing the current status Category, plus number of days Open, if applicable
  • Reviewing statistics for Job Seekers by Stage, and
    • Jumping off to view Job Seekers, via links
  • Performing Requisition Actions
  • Previewing the Job Posting on line, via a link

Survey Job Seekers by Stage

Conveniently located on the Summary tab, the Job Seekers by Stage table displays a breakdown of numerical statistics by Job Seeker stage and disposition. Links, representing statistics within this table, provide access points for reviewing filtered Job Seeker activity.

Quick Tip: The following actions must occur in the system for relevant statistics to display:

  1. A Requisition is created (and if applicable, approved).
  2. The job opening is posted on line
  3. AND

  4. At least one Job Seeker has applied

View Job Seekers who Applied
View the Summary tab's Job Seekers by Stage table, and choose the link for a statistic, located in one of the following columns:

  • Current
  • Dispositioned
  • OR

  • Reached this Stage

A list of Job Seekers will display, filtered by the selected statistic. The uppermost Job Seeker's detail will display, with the Documents tab active. From there, other aspects of the Job Seeker's record can be reached by clicking through the tab header.

Or simply navigate to another Job Seeker by selecting his or her name on the filtered Job Seeker list. Then, navigate this record in the same manner as above.

Access the on-line Job Posting

At the bottom of the Summary tab, the address(es) for your company's Job Posting page(s) will display. Each link opens the "live" Job Posting page.

Perform Requisition Actions

Navigate to the lower portion of the Summary tab to find the Actions toolbar.

Change Requisition Category between Open and Closed

The current Requisition Category will be indicated on the right side of the Requisition detail header (along with a secondary description, if applicable):

  • Pending
  • Open
  • OR

  • Closed

Quick Reminders: A Requisition undergoing an Approval Process will be: Pending. If an Approval Process is not associated with the Requisition, it will automatically be Open when created. Once Open, a Requisition cannot be returned to Pending.

To change the Category, access Details on the left side of the Requisition's Summary tab. In the lower Actions toolbar, click the [Open], or alternatively [Close], button to change the Requisition Category.

Reopen a Requisition
A closed Requisition will display a [Reopen] button in the Details toolbar. Click this button to change the Category from Closed back to Open. Proceed to reset the settings for: Post the Job Listing Internally and/or Externally and Accept New Job Seekers, as described below.

Copy a Requisition (Administrators only)

From the Actions toolbar, the Administrator may copy a Requisition. Click [Copy], the second button from the left. Check off whether to:

  • Copy Job Seekers
  • Copy Category

Then select [Go].

Delete a Requisition (Administrators only)

In the Actions toolbar, click the [Delete] button to remove the Requisition from the system.

Cross-reference: The Administrator may prevent a Requisition from being Closed until all Job Seekers who applied are assigned a final Disposition code. If you are an Administrator, refer to this description of Implementation settings: Client Settings.

Send a Requisition to Others

An email, containing a link to the Requisition, may be sent to a colleague via the Actions toolbar. Choose the [Send] button, and then, follow these steps:

  1. If your organization uses Email Templates, select one from the drop-down. This will populate the message Subject and body. Per step 6 below, this information can be reviewed and edited.
  2. (Optional) Check the box for: BCC me.
  3. (Optional) Add any Attachments, in formats such as PDF, DOCX, or PNG and up to 5 megabytes in size.
  4. For each balanceTRAK user, enter the first few letters of the email address OR first or last name. The system will suggest an address for selection.
  5. Enter the Subject Line. Then, compose the message body, using the text field and formatting toolbar.
  6. (Optional) Click the Preview icon (at the top of the tab) to review the email.

When the email message is satisfactory, press the [Send Email] button.

Note: For the message to be sent, both the Subject and the body must contain content.

Update Fields

On the Fields tab, review the information entered under Details when the Requisition was created. If edits are made, click the [Save] button.

Caution: So that all Job Seekers who apply see the same information, Fields should be finalized before the job opening is posted on line. In addition, if changes are made after posting, there may be a delay before the active posting reflects the new information.