Design Requisition Approvals

PRIOR STEP: Develop the Job Description


  • Overview of Approval Process Roles
    • How Approvers are Notified
  • Consider the Best Method for Developing the Approval Process
  • Select an Existing Approval Process
  • Develop a New Approval Process
    • Add a Group (Optional) and Select the Approver(s)
    • Save the Approval Process for Later
  • How the Approval Process is Activated

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Administrators: For information on using the Advanced Designer to define Approval Processes, and to learn about saving Approval Process Templates for use by others, and see: Approval Process Templates.

Design the Approval Process for the New Requisition

To begin completing this optional third step of Adding a New Requisition to the system, choose Approval Process from the side navigation men.

By facilitating Requisition Approvals, balanceTRAK reinforces your organization's procedures, supports decision-making, and in technical terms, helps advance the Requisition from Pending to Open so the job announcement can be posted.

Overview of Approval Process Roles

As a balanceTRAK user, you may participate in the Requisition Approval Process as:

  • The submitter (Requisition owner; i.e., the user who has permission in the system to seek Requisition Approvals)
  • OR

  • An Approver (e.g., Human Resource director, hiring manager; i.e., the user with the authority to approve a Requisition)

In addition, permissions may be granted to other users for viewing Approval Status in an existing Requisition.

How Approvers are Notified

The following Notifications to the Approver(s) support collaboration with the Approver(s) during the Approval Process:

Consider the Best Method for Developing an Approval Process

The Requisition creator has three principal options for developing the Approval Process:

  • Apply a Requisition Template that includes an Approval Process
  • Select an existing Approval Process
  • OR

  • Create a unique Approval Process for the Requisition


  • If your organization has implemented Requisition Templates, selecting one during new Requisition Setup will populate many aspects of the new Requisition, including the Approval Process.

  • For organizations with Approval Process management, Approval Process Templates will be available as menu selections on the Approval Process tab. In addition, some users may be limited to one option, Select an Existing Approval Process, as described below.

Select an Existing Approval Process

In many cases, the Requisition creator can simply apply an existing Approval Process from the system's Templates to the current Requisition.

To use this method, select the radio button in the upper toolbar for: Existing. Then choose an entry from the adjacent drop-down. The Approvers will display in the right-hand column. If the displayed Approval Process is correct (or locked to prevent editing), move directly to the [Next Step], assembling Forms.

Develop a New Approval Process

The balanceTRAK user with appropriate permissions can develop an Approval Process as part of the Add New Requisition operation. The Approval Process will only apply to this particular Requisition.

First, click the radio button for: New. Then select Approvers, as outlined below.

Add a Group (Optional) and Select the Approver(s)

Using balanceTRAK drag-and-drop method, participants in an Approval Process can be organized, grouped (if necessary), and placed in the appropriate order.

Begin by reviewing the Approvers list in the left-hand column. Then:

  1. Highlight an Approver to display a dashed drop area in the right column. Then drag and drop the user into the dashed area, using the provided name bar.

  2. To create a Group, comprised of Approvers, click the [Add Group] icon.

    A. The Group area will become the drop area for multiple users. Compose the Group.

    B. Click the radio button for:

    Require 1


    Require All

  3. Adjust the order of the name bars and/or Groups, as necessary, also using the drag-and-drop method.

Click [Next Step] to save the Approval Process in the draft Requisition and continue to the Forms tab.

How the Approval Process is Activated

The following actions in the Add New Requisition wizard will activate the Approval Process:

  1. The Approval Process has been selected or designed.
  2. The Requisition has been added to the system (via the [Create Requisition] button).

The new Requisition, based on its automatic Pending status, will trigger an email to be sent to one or more Selected Approvers in order. In addition, the approver will see a Dashboard notification upon entering the software.

When accessing the existing Requisition detail in the future, the process can be further facilitated via the Approvals tab.