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  • About Form Templates
  • Add External (and Internal) Forms to a Requisition
  • Use the Form Toolbar
    • About Permissions to Edit a Form

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Present an Application (and other Forms) to the Job Seeker

In the fourth step of creating a new Requisition, an APPLICATION (and perhaps, other Forms) will be associated with the Requisition for completion by responding Job Seekers. To initiate this step, select the Forms bar from the side navigation menu as you Add a New Requisition.

On the Forms screen, all options for Form Templates, as authorized by your organization, will appear in the left-hand column, organized by type (e.g., PRESCREENER, APPLICATION).

Quick Tip: If a Requisition Template was applied during new Requisition Setup, the appropriate Forms will already be included.

About Form Templates

By presenting uniform Questions in a consistent format to Job Seekers, Form Templates provide a strong and equitable framework for documenting, reviewing, and comparing their qualifications, whether the template is created for a Job Title/Code, a Location, and/or an applicant category. For your convenience, a library of Form Templates is stored in balanceTRAK, under the ongoing management of your organization's client-side Administrator.

Add External (and Internal) Forms to a Requisition

The Forms screen relies on a drag-and-drop method to facilitate the selection of Forms. This method is as follows:

  1. Drag a Form by type from the Form Templates column.
  2. AND

  3. Drop the Form by type into the External or Internal column, based on the intended Job Seeker audience.

A dotted line will indicate the target drop location.

If the External (and Internal) Forms should match, check the box under the Internal column header for: Use Same Process.


  • The system will constrain the drag movement across the columns to occur by Form type.
  • The system will also allow only one Form to be dragged over by type.
  • Quick Tip: Check the OTHER category, if your organization uses supplemental APPLICATIONS or other Forms.

  • Based on your organization's process, each Requisition must be associated with a PRESCREENER and/or an APPLICATION for the Requisition to be posted on line.

View More Form Template Options

While viewing the Form Templates column, Expand and Collapse arrows in the Form type header bar to see or hide Forms, respectively.

Use the Form Toolbar

Each included form will have a toolbar available by clicking the Expand icon to the right:

  • Edit — Update the Form’s questions.
  • Remove — Return the form to the Form Templates column. (The Form is not removed from the system.)
  • History — Review the History log for events, such as when the Form was added to the Requisition and when it was last revised.
  • Scoring Scheme — Edit or develop a scoring scheme for the Form to “grade” Job Seekers by their answers.
  • Settings — Return to Administrative Settings for the Form Template.

About Permissions to Edit a Form
Based on system controls for your organization, the permission to edit a Form may not be available, or it may be limited. Within the Requisition, Form editing may also be disabled due to the Requisition's status Category or Job Seeker activity.

For those having permission to edit Forms, it is recommended that an included Form be finalized at the time you create the Requisition.

Within the Requisition, a Form, when changed, will only be saved to the particular Requisition.

Cross-reference for Administrators: For more on editing and saving Form Templates, see: Design/Edit a Form Template.

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