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  • Pie Chart: (View Current) Requisitions
  • Graph: (View Recent) Job Seekers
  • Calendar: View Upcoming Events

Gain Insight through Dashboard Objects

The Home page Dashboard contains two graphical objects, each representing information about Requisitions and Job Seekers, respectively. As displayed below these two objects, a Calendar helps you stay on top of Events as applicants move through the consideration process.

Pie Chart: (View Current) Requisitions

By default, the Requisitions object is active on the Dashboard. If the Requisitions object is not active, click the object header. A pie chart displays, showing Requisitions by status. Hover over a portion of the pie chart with your mouse to view the corresponding status label, along with the percentage of Requisitions currently assigned to that status.

A legend below the pie chart will indicate each Requisition Status, the corresponding color code, and a Count of Requisitions with the particular Status. Click a Requisition Status link to view the Requisitions list, filtered to that status.

Graph: (View Recent Job) Seekers

Click the Job Seekers object header to activate this object. A bar chart will show the # (number) of Job Seekers by Application Date for the previous ten days. Hover your mouse over a bar in the chart to view the corresponding numerical count.

Below the chart, a list of the ten most recent Job Seekers will display. Click the [Review] icon to review a Job Seeker’s information. Click the [Resume] icon to view the associated resume document. Click the More link at the bottom of the list to view the Job Seekers page.

Calendar: View Upcoming Events

Once added, the graphical Calendar displays Events by month. Titles for the scheduled Events will also display to the right of the graphical display. If an Event was created in a Review Job Seeker detail, it is labeled with the Job Seeker’s name. An Event created in the Review Requisition detail is labeled with the Requisition Number.

Click on a [date in bold red] to display the associated Event title; use the browser’s [Refresh] button to again display the full Event list. At the far right of each title is [Reminder] icon for sending an appointment to each participant’s Outlook calendar or saving the Event as a calendar file (.ICS).

Use the [Scrolling arrows] to view earlier or later months on the Calendar.

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