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  • Return to Recently Visited Pages
  • Obtain Software Help and Support
  • Quickly View Notifications
    • Access Job Seeker Messages
    • Access Event Alerts
  • Working with Notifications
    • New Communications Flag
    • Mark All as Read
    • Jump to the Full Inbox
      • About the Notifications Center Inbox
  • Personalize Delivery Preferences for Automatic Notifications

Take Advantage of Software Header Tools

In addition to links for [user Account name], Help, and other functions, the software header provides access to the following menus:

Return to Recently Visited Pages

The system will "remember" your last 10 visited pages prior to Logout, so you can continue working where you left off.

From the software header, click the History icon to access a list of links to these recently visited pages. Job Seeker pages will be identified by Job Seeker Name, while Requisitions will be labeled with Job Title and Requisition Number. Select one of the provided links to return to the appropriate screen.

Quickly View Notifications

In the software header, two icons offer quick access to recent incoming notifications, and with another click, either menu will direct you to the full Inbox. While each icon is the gateway to different content, each icon and its tools will work in the same manner.

Access Job Seeker Messages

At the far right in the software header, the Messages icon provides quick access to a drop-down list of up to five incoming communications. These communications will be inbound from Job Seekers, including both:

  • Email messages
  • AND

  • Text messages

Access Event Alerts

Adjacent to the above icon is a separate icon for viewing up to five recent Events. Generated by the system, event alerts notify you about Job Seeker- or Requisition-related activities (e.g., a Requisition is closing, a Job Seeker applied, a Calendar event is occurring tomorrow).

Working with Notifications

New Communications Flag

When new notifications are available, both notification icons will alert you, via a red New Message symbol atop the particular notification icon.

Mark All as Read

After clicking either of the two notification icons to display the quick access menu, click the link at the upper left to Mark All as Read.

Jump to the Full Inbox

To view additional messages, click the Go to Notification Center link at the bottom of the drop-down.

Cross-reference: For more on the using the Job Seekers module to correspond with applicants: Communicate with the Job Seeker.

About the Notification Center Inbox
The Inbox is divided into tabs for: Messages and Events. Each list is then organized by columns for: [Message type icon], Job Seeker (or Requisition), Date, Message (clip), and Viewed. Click the [Message type icon] to open the source message.

Once a message is read, a green Check mark will appear in the Viewed column.

A third tab houses Delivery Settings, as described below.

Personalize Delivery Settings for Automatic Notifications

As a starting point, your organization's balanceTRAK Administrator will have implemented default delivery settings for automatic notifications. However, you can customize these settings for your individual Account. To do so, navigate to the Inbox > Delivery Settings tab to find a set of menus that control what information you receive, the delivery method, and for some high-volume events, the frequency of automatic notifications.

Quick Tip: A quick link to Settings is available after clicking either Messages or the Events in the software header.

Before making changes to these menus, peruse the lists to see which communications you are interested in. All notifications are available for delivery by:

  • Email (to Outlook or other system)
  • Alert (to balanceTRAK‚Äôs notification center Inbox)

Using the Requisition, Job Seeker, and Approval Process menus, check off (or deselect) the appropriate items, using the Email and Alert columns. Then, where shown, make a selection for Email Frequency, either:

  • Immediately (individual listings)
  • OR

  • Daily (cumulative daily listings).

Click the [Save] button to apply the settings.

Important Tip: When selecting notification types, consider such factors as how many job applications your organization receives and the number of requisitions opened and closed on a regular basis.

Cross-reference: For more information on Notifications specific to Approval Processes, refer to: Design an Approval Process / How Approval Process Notifications are Prompted.