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Home Page Basics

Because Home is BalanceTRAK's landing page, you will see this screen every time you enter the software. That's why as activity takes place in the software, this screen will display timely Notifications, a Saved Views list, and useful Dashboard metrics, as described in this article.

Dashboard Notifications

Requisitions Needing Approval

If you are an approver for Requisitions — and a Requisition requires your approval — an alert banner will display at the top of the Home page Dashboard. This reminder will list the Requisition by:

  • Requisition Number
  • Job Code
  • Job Title

Click the [Review] icon associated with the Requisition to display the corresponding Review Requisition detail. A notification message will also appear at the top of the screen when the detail is displayed.

  • within the message, click the link: See approval section below
  • OR

  • Scroll down to the Approval Process menu

Choose to [Approve] or [Not Approve] the Requisition. You can also enter: Comments.

Job Seekers Needing Approval

If one or more Job Seekers require your approval for hiring, a banner will display at the top of the Dashboard, entitled: New Hires Needing Approval. Click the [Review] icon for a particular Job Seeker to display the Review Job Seeker detail. Using the Approval Process menu, select either: [Approve] or [Not Approve] and optionally, enter: Comments.

Saved Views List

If you have filtered the Requisitions or Job Seekers list — and saved the results as a customized view — the Dashboard's Saved Views banner provides quick access to the filtered view.

HELP Cross-references:

Data Search

Modules for Home, Requisitions, and Job Seekers display a global [Search] tool in the page header. Enter a complete search-term to return the best results. Multiple results will be organized in the categories of Job Seekers and Requisitions, as applicable.

Quick Tip: Quickly locate a Job Seeker by full name, or type in a Requisition Number to access a job posting record.

Click the [Clear Search] icon to restore the full display. A module-specific Search is also available within Settings.