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  • Learn about Question Types
  • Select Answer Options (where Applicable by Question Type)
    • Check Boxes
    • Long Text
    • Option (Radio) Buttons
    • Skills
    • Table Driven
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Select Answer Options (where Applicable by Question Type)

While some Form Questions will simply require the Job Seeker to enter text, others in the Questions library will require the Job Seeker to make selections from answer menus or provide further information. Therefore, the Edit Question menu offers tools to create answer Options, based on the Type of Question.

Once the answer Options have been determined, as described below, a Question will be ready for use in Form Templates. In the Questions library, a Check mark in the Complete column will indicate a Question has been saved with appropriate answer Options.

The Edit Question menu, including Options (or Additional Information), can be accessed in two ways:

  • After a Question is added (and the type determined), the system will automatically direct you there.
  • From the Questions list, click the Question's Edit icon.

Form Types without Answer Options — A Question belonging to one of the following types will not display the Options (or Additional Information) menu:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Date
  • Label
  • Numeric
  • Signature

Check Boxes

From the Edit Questions / Options menu, choose [Add]; and follow instructions on the Add Option window. (Optional) Using the provided drop-down, indicate whether the Job Seeker must also provide: Additional Information; and select:

  • None
  • Text
  • OR

  • Date

Long Text

The Additional Options menu will display the following tagline:

Use the following information from the job seeker's résumé to answer this question.

In answer to this prompt, select an existing RESUME Section (e.g., Qualifications) from the provided drop-down. Information provided by the Job Seeker in that RESUME Field will be automatically entered into the answer Field.

Option (Radio) Buttons

When the Options menu appears, choose [Add]; and follow prompts on the Add Option window. If applicable, indicate whether the Job Seeker must provide Additional Information, using the provided drop-down, and select: None, Text, or Date.


Using the Skills menu, begin by setting up the number of columns (up to five) and rows to include, by clicking the Add icon for each axis, as many times as needed. Starting with each column, enter the column header text, and select a question type from the provided drop-down:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Check box
  • Table Driven (described next)

Add the row header text for each row.

To remove a column or row, click the Delete icon.

Example: A Skills table could be set up so that the Job Seeker can rate his or her experience with Office products. A row would be provided for each Office application, with columns representing level/years of use.

Table Driven

From the Options menu, select the Reference table that contains the possible answers to the Table Driven Question. You can also identify the choices that require Additional Information, and define that information.

Example: Your organization asks each Job Seeker to answer the Question, “Are you an External or Internal candidate?" If the Job Seeker chooses "Internal", your organization would now like to make a secondary request: "Please select your current department.” Based on answers stored in the "Department" Reference table, the Internal Job Seeker could make a selection.

Table/Driven would be selected as the Question type, and “Applicant Type” would be chosen from the (Reference) Table Name drop-down.

Cross-reference: To learn more, see: Reference Tables.


Using the provided Additional Options menu, a Job Seeker’s RESUME Field can be linked to the answer to Field (when included on the RESUME). Select a RESUME Section from the provided drop-down.


Using the Additional Options menu, drop-downs will be provided for the following prompts:

  • When the job seeker selects the following answer: (Yes, No)
  • Ask them to provide the following information: (None, Text, Date)

Example: A Question inquiring whether the applicant has a valid state driver’s license must be answered “Yes” or “No”. Option Text may be included with the “Yes” answer as follows: “If Yes, provide the expiration date”. The Job Seeker would then provide a Date.