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  • Overview of the Job Seeker Detail Layout
    • Full List of Job Seeker Tabs
  • Job Seeker Detail Header Tools


Overview of the Job Seeker Detail Layout

Upon entry to Job Seekers, the Job Seeker list will appear in the left column, representing the applicant pool for all of your organization's current Job Postings. Each Job Seeker on the list will be associated with at least one Requisition, represented by an indented, hyperlinked entry. When a Requisition link is clicked, the corresponding Job Seeker "detail" record will display in the right-hand window.

Reminder: When a Job Seeker applies to multiple open positions, a separate Job Seeker detail will represent each submission.

In the detail window, you will find comprehensive set of tabs and tools that help you:

  • Learn about each Job Seeker and his or her qualifications
  • Interact with an applicant, including scheduling an Interview
  • Advance or disposition a Job Seeker
  • Review the Job Seeker's record, including History
  • Perform recordkeeping or database functions

Starting from the top, the detail header is divided into three levels:

  1. An identifying banner, labeled with the Job Seeker name and an associated Requisition title
  2. A toolbar, with icons and menus
  3. The tab header, for navigation to task areas

These elements are outlined below.

Full Inventory of Job Seeker Tabs

The full array of tabs, available in the Job Seeker detail, are as follows:

  • Profile (Linked above)
  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Communication
  • Interview
  • Notes
  • History
  • Duplicates (Administrators only)
  • Screenings

On the initial visit into a Job Seeker record, the Documents tab will display, landing on the RESUME. If a RESUME is not available, the system will land on Forms > APPLICATION. Within the same module session, the system will remember the last detail tab visited as you navigate between Job Seekers, to facilitate the comparison of "like" information.

Cross-reference: Each of the above tabs corresponds with a Help topic.

Choose Table of Contents > BalanceTRAK from the Help header (above), and navigate to the listings under: Job Seeker Detail.

Job Seeker Detail Header Tools

The Job Seeker Detail header is divided into three levels, with the top two banners displaying information and links you will most likely use on every visit.

Access the Associated Requisition

Simply navigate your mouse to the identifying banner at the very top of the detail window, and click the displayed Requisition title on the right.

Flag a Job Seeker

To draw attention to a potential Job Seeker on the Job Seeker list (and document this setting in the detail), turn on the Flag icon, located in the Job Seeker detail header at the upper left.

Internal Job Seeker Designation

The system will automatically identify an Internal Job Seeker, because he or she responded to the Internal Job Posting. These Job Seekers are identified in the Job Seeker detail header by an activated Internal Job Seeker icon.