Review Summary and Save the Requisition

PRIOR STEP: Set Requisition Workflow

Finalize and Save the New Requisition

As the concluding step in the Add New Requisition process, a Summary screen provides the opportunity to finalize information and settings before adding a new Requisition to the system.

On the Summary tab, each step you have previously addressed is represented by a title bar, starting at the top of the screen with Details. For each step:

  1. Expand the title bar, and if applicable, review the provided information.
  2. As needed, choose the [Go to ... ] button to review the appropriate information and if necessary, return to the prior step.
  3. When the Summary review is complete, press the [Create Requisition] button, located at the bottom of the screen.

The Requisition will be added to the top of the Requisitions > Requisition list.

Now that the new Requisition is saved to the system, begin reading about the Requisition detail here: Navigate the Requisition Detail.