Preview, Edit, Export the Job Description


  • Preview the Job Description
    • Preview the Job Description
  • Edit an Existing Job Description
    • Save the Job Description (and Apply Changes)
    • Revert Job Description to Job Code Default
  • Export a Job Description
  • Import a Job Description from Word (Administrators only)

Manage the Job Description in the Requisition

Because the Job Description is integral to the job posting, this content is typically populated in the Add New Requisition wizard. However, the Job Description can be revisited in the Requisition detail to preview how it looks on the Web and perform other functions.

The Job Description tab is comprised of two sub-tabs:

  1. The Long Description sub-tab, a placeholder for the full description content, by Section
  2. AND

  3. If the Block Style is in place for the Job Posting page, the Short Description sub-tab, offering tools to develop an introductory "teaser" or edit the existing one.

Preview the Job Description

After accessing the Full Description or the Short Description, select the Preview icon from the header toolbar. The Job Description, as it would display to Job Seekers, will display in a new window.

Edit an Existing Job Description

Important Note: Your software Implementation may place limits on the editing (and saving) of Job Descriptions. For those having access to do so, the permissions range from full Administrative rights across the system to limited privileges for saving revisions to the Requisition.

The method for editing a Job Description is identical to the one available in the Add New Requisition wizard. Simply type directly in the body of a Section to make changes, and use the pop-up toolbar to update any formatting. Remember to [Save] the changes, as described next.

Save a Job Description (and Apply Changes)

If edits are made to the Job Description, scroll to the bottom of the window. Then, select the appropriate option (after reading the descriptions below) —

Save Job Description Changes to:

  • This requisition only — The saved changes will be limited to the current Job Description.
  • This requisition and the default job description for [Job Code] — (Default setting) Any updates saved locally will also be applied to the default Job Description (as stored with the Job Code Reference table). This means the updated Job Description will be available for selection when a new Requisition is created.


  • This requisition, the default job description and all open or pending requisitions that use this Job Code — In addition to being saved locally, the updates will apply to the default Job Description and any Open or Pending Requisitions for the same Job Code.

Note: For content that is displayed on an external job board, there may be a time delay before updates appear. Please consult the on-line provider for more information.

Revert Job Description to Job Code Default

(When available) To remove any edits made to the current Job Description and restore it to the Job Code’s default, click the [Revert to Default] button.

Export a Job Description

Both the Short Description and the Long Job Description can be exported for use outside of balanceTRAK. From the upper toolbar on the Job Description tab, select the Export icon. Then follow the browser's prompts to save or open the PDF file.

Import a Single Job Description from Word (Administrators only)


  • Become familiar with the instructions below.
  • Set up the incoming Word document with Section headers that correspond to available balanceTRAK Sections. (These Sections can be reviewed on the Job Description tab.)
  • Format all Section headers with the same style (e.g., bold or italic).
  • If the Job Posting page will be designed in the Grid Style, add a Section for "Job Posting Text" to serve as an introductory tagline.

When the file is ready, initiate the process by clicking the Import icon in the header toolbar. Follow the Import wizard to perform the following tasks:

  1. Upload File(s) — [Browse] and locate the document on your computer. Click [Next].
  2. Identify Section Headers Check off each Section to include. Then choose matches from the incoming file for each one from the corresponding Section Header and Next Section Header drop-downs.

    Note: The system identifies the beginning and end of each Section, using these selections. The end of the one Section is typically, but not always, the beginning of the next. Beginning of Document and the End of Document tags are also available.

    • On the Filters menu, identify how Section headers in the document are formatted, either bold, italicized, or by font size (value). Click the [Apply Filter] button.

    Press [Next].

  3. Choose Overwrite Options — Select one of the following options for saving the imported Job Description to:

    • This requisition and the default job description
    • This requisition only
    • This requisition, the default job description and all open or pending requisitions that use this job code

    Quick Tip: Save options are defined above, at: Save the Job Description (and Apply Changes).

    Click the [Import] button.

Cross-reference: An Administrator may import multiple default Job Descriptions. See: Special Tools by Reference Table / Import Job Descriptions.