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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Familiarize yourself with Dashboard Tiles and how the user will work with them, at: Home page Dashboard


  • Edit and Save the Default Layout
  • Have the System Arrange the Layout (Optional)

Set up the Default Home page Dashboard for Users

While each balanceTRAK user can design the Home page Dashboard to suit his or her needs, the Administrator can predetermine a default layout that applies globally across the client account, at: Settings > Home page. Not only will new users see the default Home page on first Login, each one can return to the default configuration at any time.

Edit and Save the Default Layout

Navigate to the lower right, where the Dashboard tool palette is available. Click the Edit icon, a large round button that forms the palette's center. (This action also activates the palette, comprised of three other editing buttons.)

With the tool palette activated, click the Add Widget icon to maximize the Add Widget menu on the right-hand column. Review the provided options, and click on the pane(s) for the desired widget(s). When finished, click the Close icon, located in the menu header.

Have the System Arrange the Layout (Optional)

With the Dashboard tool palette activated, select the [Calculate Optimal Layout] button. The system will calculate an optimal layout, considering the size and orientation of each existing tile.

When the layout is complete, Save the layout to make the default Home page Dashboard available to users.